Mnangagwa is Not Zimbabwe

Source: Mnangagwa is Not Zimbabwe

Dear Anti-Sanctions Political Players,

I write this article with a heavy heart, filled with frustration and disillusionment towards your shallow understanding of the dire situation we, the people of Zimbabwe, find ourselves in. It is not with joy nor satisfaction that I express my anger, but with a deep sense of betrayal. Your claims of the sanctions on President Mnangagwa being a direct attack on Zimbabwe are not only misguided but also dangerous.

Let me make one thing clear from the very beginning – sanctions were not imposed on Zimbabwe as a nation. They were specifically targeted at those responsible for human rights violations and a disregard for democratic principles. Yes, President Mnangagwa and his cronies, I am talking about you. These sanctions serve as a strong message that the international community will not idly stand by while our rights are trampled upon.

You claim that these sanctions are an attack on Zimbabwe, as if Mnangagwa and the nation are one and the same. But let me remind you that Zimbabwe existed long before Mnangagwa’s time, and it will continue to exist long after he is gone. Zimbabwe is not defined by a single man, it is defined by its people, their resilience, their dreams, and their right to a better future.

We, the Zimbabwean people, have suffered for far too long under a regime that seeks to suppress us, silence us, and line their own pockets at our expense. Mnangagwa promised us a new dawn, an era of change and progress, but instead, we have witnessed nothing more than a continuation of the same oppressive tactics and corrupt practices that plagued us under Mugabe’s rule.

>He promised us economic stability, but what have we received? Skyrocketing inflation, unemployment rates that soar high above any meaningful statistic, and a barren wasteland where once flourishing industries stood. Our people are left with nothing but despair and an uncertain future.

He promised us justice, but what have we witnessed? Brutal crackdowns on peaceful protesters, unlawful arrests, and a culture of fear that permeates every aspect of our society. Our voices have been silenced, our hopes dashed, and our dreams crushed. Is this the Zimbabwe you want us to believe in? Is this the Zimbabwe you aim to defend?

These sanctions were not imposed lightly; they were a response to the gross violations of human rights committed under Mnangagwa’s watch. The international community has seen the horrors inflicted upon our people, and they have taken a stand. It is not an attack on Zimbabwe; it is a cry for justice, a plea for change, and a demand for accountability.

So before you rally behind Mnangagwa and his regime, take a moment to reflect on the countless lives destroyed, the families torn apart, and the dreams shattered by their actions. Do not let your blind loyalty cloud your judgment, for the future of our beloved Zimbabwe hangs in the balance.

Instead of shielding an oppressive leader, it is time to stand with the people – the backbone of this nation. It is time to demand true leadership, visionary governance, and a commitment to the principles that make a nation thrive. Our Zimbabwe deserves better than to be held hostage by a man who only seeks to cling to power and enrich himself.

I understand that change is not easy, and that shifting allegiances can be painful. But we must remember that true loyalty lies with Zimbabwe and its people, not with a single individual. We must have the courage to acknowledge the truth, to recognize the failures of this regime, and to work towards a brighter future for all.

United, we can overcome the challenges that lie ahead. Let us not allow our disillusionment to consume us but use it as fuel to demand a Zimbabwe that we can be proud of. A Zimbabwe that respects and protects the rights of its citizens, where justice prevails, and where the voice of every Zimbabwean matters.

So, dear anti-sanctions political players, I implore you to open your eyes, listen to the cries of the people, and reassess your allegiance. Remember, Mnangagwa is not Zimbabwe, and with our united efforts, we can reclaim our nation and forge a new path towards progress and prosperity.

Let us join hands and build a Zimbabwe that is truly worthy of its people.


A disillusioned Zimbabwean.


Kumbirai Thierry Nhamo || Writer || +263780022343