Mnangagwa Loses Sleep Over Diaspora Vote

Source: Mnangagwa Loses Sleep Over Diaspora Vote

President Nelson Chamisa’s Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), has appealed to millions of Zimbabweans in South Africa to return home for the purpose of registering to vote.

Gift Ostallos Siziba

In a statement, CCC deputy spokesperson, Gift Ostallos Siziba, bemoaned the harassment of Zimbabweans in South Africa.

Read Siziba’s statement:

Someone sent us this flyer he picked next to his house this morning.

It’s a flyer from Change Champions in Alex park, South Africa.

Given the circumstances facing our people in South Africa- the solution is for us to come back home and fix our country.

Diaspora is such a powerful force.

More than 2 million Zimbabweans are in South Africa because of the economic and political situation in our country.

They’re treated like second class citizens.

The solution is resolving the governance crisis in our own country by voting the Mnangagwa regime out!