Mnangagwa: No Diaspora Vote, Come Back Home 

Source: Mnangagwa: No Diaspora Vote, Come Back Home | ZimEye

Windhoek – Zimbabwe currently does not have the capacity nor the logistics to enable millions of Zimbabweans living outside the country’s borders to vote, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said on Monday.

According to a state media report Mnangagwa said anyone who was serious about participating in the elections could travel to Zimbabwe to cast their vote.

“We do not have the logistics now or the capacity,” President Mnangagwa told hundreds of Zimbabweans based in Namibia during a question and answer session.

“We realise that time will come when we shall have the capacity to do that for our people in the diaspora but for now we do not have the capacity to do so.”

He said Zimbabweans in the diaspora had not been denied their right to vote as those who were “serious” could come back home to register under the on-going voter registration and to vote when the time comes.

President Mnangagwa reiterated that it was government’s wish to hold polls which are free and fair, without violence.

“We accept that we may have different views about how to run the country, that is accepted so we do not need any violence,” he said.

“So if you differ, differ peacefully and on an intellectual basis.”

He said observers would be invited from the region, continent as well as international community to monitor the polls.

“Above that, every country that has an embassy in Zimbabwe is allowed five people to observe the elections,” he said.

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    Zviyo 6 years ago

    why did they close the registration during the time we were home during christmas holidays. registration only resumed after almost all the people from Diaspora had returned to their respective bases. the intention is clear , make it as difficult as possible to have the Diaspora vote since it is believed it supports the opposition . Yes we are border jumpers in the main and it is hard to jump the border to and fro at ease. we had a chance during christmas holidays but you denied us the opportunity. Emmerson knows it is not easy to be a border jumper and yet now as president he has soon forgotten. usakanganwe vamwe kana iwe waka kasika ku dzokera kumba . Unogona kuzodzoka zve uka shaya shamwari ukadaro.