MNANGAGWA SECRETS BLOWN OPEN: I Was In Constant Touch With Military Throughout

Source: MNANGAGWA SECRETS BLOWN OPEN: I Was In Constant Touch With Military Throughout | ZimEye

By Dorrothy Moyo| Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa has in the last 18 hours blown the lid open on his secret affairs during the time he was out of the country. The latest revelations might confirm that Mnangagwa actually flew to China to meet general Chiwenga and then back to his hideout in South Africa during his 2 week stint after fleeing Zimbabwe.

Speaking last night Mnangagwa revealed that he was in constant contact with the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) under Commander General Constantino Chiwenga’s leadership.

He said “I wish also to thank the manner our Defence Forces under the leadership of General Chiwenga have been able to manage this process peacefully.

“I was in constant contact with the service chiefs throughout…”

Two weeks ago the local Daily News reported Emmerson Mnangagwa went to China after fleeing Zimbabwe following his dismissal and had arrived in that country from South Africa.

Coincidentally Chiwenga was also in China at the time.

It was not cleat if the two did of a truth meet.

There was drama when Chiwenga carried out his military intervention code named “Operation Restore Legacy” after returning from China, having touched down at Harare international airport whereupon former president Robert Mugabe tried to arrest him.

Activists and analysts last night claimed the development confirms that Operation Restore Order was truly a coup.


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    Kutama 5 years ago

    This is good to know. Thus we can assume that this was an internal Zanu Coup using the military to effect leadership change within Zanu. The people may have been hoodwinked to think that it was people power to get rid of Mugabe – but the end result was to change the Zanu skin and put a new one on? The question remains – are we now going to have an extension of Zanu under a new leader when everybody thought that it was a fresh start? Perhaps the people of Zimbabwe have been used again – to replace the looters with a fresh group fo looters – I mean to give some new guys a chance to loot freely at their will? It was elements of Zanu saying that it was not fair that Grace, Ignatius and Jonathon were making it such an exclusive Looting Franchise? You really need to let somebody else steal some millions as well?

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    Mugabe and Mnangagwa are same people, nothing to be happy about. Why is he protecting him everything he did