More men now reporting GBV

Source: More men now reporting GBV | The Herald

More men now reporting GBV
Sanyati district Aids coordinator Mr Amnot Chipandambira delivers a speech on gender-based violence and sexual violence at Jompani Business Centre recently.

Herald Reporter

A number of males that are being abused in marriages are increasingly reporting such cases to various departments to seek redress.

This came out at a roadshow held by the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprises Development in conjunction with Adult Rape Clinic (ARC) on sexual violence and gender-based violence (GBV) at Sanyati’s Jompani Business Centre.

The sensitisation and awareness campaign sought to empower the community on embracing GBV preventive and response initiatives following an upsurge in early marriages, GBV cases and child abuse in the district.

Addressing the gathering, ARC programmes coordinator Mr Munhamo Paswayi applauded males who are reporting cases of aggravated indecent assault and GBV.

“As ARC, we are carrying out campaigns all over the country and we are overwhelmed with the response from males who are standing up for their rights and reporting their cases, thereby sending perpetrators to jail where they belong,” he said.

“Our motto as ARC is ‘speak out’, but there are females out there who are putting under the bed cases of their husbands raping their siblings. 

“It does not matter who committed the crime, let us report the cases for the benefit of the victims,” he said.

Victim Friendly Unit officer, Constable Rebecca Chakwenya, advised communities to report child marriages.

Sanyati district AIDS coordinator, Mr Amnot Chipandambira, said the girl child was prone to sexual, emotional and physical abuse due to a number of social factors. He encouraged parents and guardians to report abuse of their children within 72 hours to minimise the risk of contracting HIV.