MPs receive first aid training

Source: MPs receive first aid training – NewsDay Zimbabwe


MPs have been urged to get basic first aid training in order to acquire knowledge of how to save road accident and natural disaster victims.

This was said last Friday by the chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Transport, Oscar Gorerino during a first aid training course for MPs in Kariba by the Zimbabwe Red Cross.

“MPs were declared an essential service provider during the COVID-19 crisis as we interact with different communities.  We need knowledge of how to handle road accident victims as loss of life can be reduced if road users get first aid training,” Gorerino said.

‘‘This committee is making history as the first trainees for this specialized first aid training. The loss of lives on our highways is highly regrettable and, in most cases, help for road accident victims is delayed due to lack of first aid knowledge, distance, and communication challenges,” he said.

Zimbabwe Red Cross secretary-general Elias Hwenga said the humanitarian organization provides appropriate, evidence-based first aid and health care training services to all sectors in Zimbabwe.

‘‘Because we strongly believe that everyone has the potential to save a life, we aim to train as many people as possible in first aid in Zimbabwe as the provision of First Aid and nurse aide training services is one of our key mandates aimed at saving lives, ” Hwenga said.

He said it is also imperative to give first aid training to industry, miners, schools and the community at large.

‘‘For the Red Cross, first aid is a key pillar for building safer, more resilient communities which in turn are best placed to increase the impact of disaster preparedness and reduce risks to health. First aid is not only about life-saving techniques. First aid is an act of humanity showing willingness to save lives with full respect for diversity and without discrimination,’’ Hwenga said.

The Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe states that 95% of road accidents are caused by human error like speeding, overloading, drinking and driving, and crossing flooded rivers during rainy season, among others.

Other participants during the training included members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police,
Zimbabwe Traffic Safety Council, Harare City Fire department, and Passengers Association of Zimbabwe (PAZ). The training ended on Sunday.