Mwonzora rejected by veterans

The MDC Veteran Activists Association(VAA) is solidly behind President Nelson Chamisa, despite futile attempts by the Douglas Mwonzora political formation to arm-twist the veterans of the struggle for democracy.

Source: Mwonzora rejected by veterans – The Zimbabwean

MDC-T secretary general Douglas Mwonzora

Mr Tapiwa Mashakada who is singing from the Zanu PF chorus book last week attempted to place the veterans under Mr Mwonzora’s armpits.

See the statement below:

MDC VAA Solidly Behind Nelson Chamisa

8 February 2021

Revolutionary greetings veterans. As VAA leadership led Dr Mafa Sibanda, we want to make it categorically clear without any equivocation or ambiguity that Tsvangirai’s legacy of servant leadership, courage and indefatigable resistance in face of brutal repression; service and self sacrifice, iconic leader of democracy and egalitarianism can only be realised under the leadership of Nelson Chamisa and his entourage.

We stand where we stood in 1999 and the blood of our fallen veterans and iconic leaders would continue to water our spirit of liberty until we complete the change through the ballot box.

As such, we want to rest assure genuine veterans of the democratic struggle that we are not part and parcel of Gideon Mangena’s group that have salivated at Mwonzora’s poisoned carrot to the extent of congratulating him for the so called presidential ascent in MDCT.

We respect Mwonzora, Khupe, Komichi, Mudzuri etc as human beings, so likewise do we respect any other veteran, but not the choice of their political path. Politics is a game of grassroots support and as VAA we will continue with our adjunctive welfare issues and in the process complement the mainstream MDCA quest for democracy and egalitarianism in Zimbabwe.

The character and stamina of VAA National and provincial leadership cannot navigate an unfamiliar democratic path. Vice Chair, Lucia Masekesa; SG, Musimiki; TG Mutisi; DTG, Hlalo; Organ, Gonhi; D Organ, Paul Madzore; coordinator, Bheki Jama Sibanda; Welfare, Mwedzi; Security, Zireva; D/Sec, Mutsvairo; Infor, B Mandava; D/Infor, Lewellin Sibanda; Sec for Legal Affairs, Daniel Molokele; Admin, Mubatsa, Women chair, E. Muzvondiwa; Denias Mudzingwa, Timothy Kondo, Pretty Ndlovu, Fisher etc are tried and tested leaders who can never waver from a clear democratic way forward.

History will always absolve us and we will always focus on alleviating plight of living veterans and that of the relatives of our fallen veterans of the democratic struggle. Our collective effort and institutional memory will never betray us. President Chamisa is currently our best foot forward and we encourage unity, cooperation, ingenuity, dexterity and enthusiasm in the rank and file of MDCA in order to complete Morgan Tsvangirai’s legacy in Zimbabwe.

For and on behalf of MDCA VAA.

DSG, Dr Takavafira M. Zhou