No human rights abuses in Zimbabwe: Govt

We present the government’s full statement below.

Source: No human rights abuses in Zimbabwe: Govt – The Zimbabwean



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    citizen 2 years ago

    They’re not even good liars.

    • comment-avatar
      Fallenz 2 years ago

      Well, an old saw is true… “Tell big enough lie often enough and loud enough, and idiots will believe it… and repeat it.”
      So, is Mnangagwa a liar or an idiot… take your pick. 

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    Ndebele 2 years ago

    Brilliant propaganda.

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    Cynical 2 years ago

    Mr Mangwana,

    I believe you hold dual citizenship, also holding a British Passport. Why not do the zanu-pf patriotic thing and relinquish your British citizenship and retain your Zimbabwean passport only, or are you sitting on the fence hoping, that should there be a regime change, you can quickly hop on to a plane and fly back to the UK and live in your opulent house in a country you accuse of trying to destablize this country.