NRZ embarks on borehole drilling programme 

Source: NRZ embarks on borehole drilling programme – NewsDay Zimbabwe


THE National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) will drill 80 boreholes at its premises nationwide to alleviate water problems.

NRZ general manager Respina Ziyanduko told NewsDay that the parastatal has been undertaking a restructuring exercise and after doing a cost benefit analysis, it concluded that the company will benefit more if it augments water supplies.

“NRZ requires 80 borehole systems countrywide to sustain its operations given the erratic water supplies by local authorities,” Ziyanduko said.

“A cost benefit analysis was done and it was realised that it would benefit us more if NRZ acquires its own borehole drilling rigs like what the army did. This will be used to meet NRZ water requirements and it will also be used for commercial purposes.”

She said the restructuring exercise also noted that most NRZ staff was idle as there was less activity.

“This resulted in management re-assigning most of the employees to areas of need where the organisation would benefit from their services,’’ she said.

Ziyanduko also said some staff would be redeployed to the parastatal-owned Nalatale Mine to extract ballast stones for the mainline.

“Application of ballast stones was last done 15 years ago.  That is why most NRZ tracks are in a sorry state. This would require huge quantities of quarry stones and cannot be sustained using ballast procured from commercial quarry suppliers. It is worth noting that all the re-assignments were done on a lateral transfer basis and in some rare circumstances, employees would be redeployed within the same department on a personal to holder basis,’’ she said.