Nurses abandon clinic

Source: Nurses abandon clinic – The Standard


Villagers in Chiadzwa’s Mukwada area are struggling to access medical services after nurses from a local clinic abandoned their work station two weeks ago due to unavailability of electricity.

Bocha Diamond Community Trust chairman Moses Mukwada said 11 villages in Mukwada ward were affected by the closure of the clinic.

“There has not been electricity for the past two months and all nurses have left the clinic. There is no single nurse except for only one or two caregivers,” he said.

Mukwada said the clinic serviced at least 11 villages as well as the surrounding Mutsago and Chipindirwe areas.

Headman Mukwada said: “We have pregnant women in our area and they need to be assisted as soon as possible, so we are calling upon the government to assist us as soon as possible.”