Official media celebrate Zanu (PF) victory

via Official media celebrate Zanu (PF) victory | The Zimbabwean.

The government controlled Zimbabwe Newspapers group on Friday hosted thank you parties for Chronicle and Herald journalists for supporting Zanu (PF) during the just ended controversial elections won by Zanu (PF) and President Robert Mugabe.

During the period leading to the elections, newspapers under the Zimpapers stable went on an unprecedented propaganda overdrive attacking the MDC –T and its leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Speaking at one of the thank you bashes in Harare, Justin Mutasa, the Zimpapers Group Chief Executive Officer, thanked the journo for “defending the national values”.

“Everything went well .We are here to defend the national interest of our country and we do not apologise for that.Everyone rose beyond their call of duty,” he said.

In Bulawayo the party which was held at a local hotel was boycotted by some journalists who felt that the company was shortchanging them by hosting expensive parties while they got meager salaries.

“What is the point of celebrating a Zanu (PF) victory when journalists under the leadership of that party have suffered a lot. Most reporters at Zimpapers are taking home a salary of less than $500 and it’s only people like Mutasa who are benefitting from Zanu (PF),” said one journalist who boycotted the party.

In the run up to the July 31 polls, Mutasa openly campaigned for Zanu (PF).



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    Chiwaridzo 11 years ago

    Rational thinking Zimbabweans must stop buying the herald and chronicle, why would you want to read all the rubbish they print anyway.

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    super mondo 11 years ago

    i did not hear the fat lady sing