PDP unveil former MDC-T senator Hlalo as Makokoba candidate

Source: PDP unveil former MDC-T senator Hlalo as Makokoba candidate – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 31, 2017

THE Tendai Biti-led People’s Democratic Party (PDP) on Saturday unveiled former MDC-T Senator Matson Hlalo as its parliamentary candidate for Makokoba constituency.


Hlalo, who was fired from MDC-T after he challenged the party’s decision to endorse Gift Banda as Bulawayo provincial chairperson, was introduced to Makokoba residents by PDP vice-president, Kucaca Phulu.

Speaking at the event, PDP secretary-general, Gorden Moyo, said he had no doubt that Hlalo had the pedigree to win the constituency in the upcoming general elections.

“Makokoba shall be our flagbearer in the 2018 elections. I have no doubt that our Makokoba candidate has the pedigree to dance to victory come 2018,” he said.

“We need to tackle poverty of ideas that has ruined Bulawayo city council and our legislators. While the electorate has grown large in poverty, councillors and MPs have grown large in opulence. PDP will put an end to poverty, hunger and disease. The corruption shall be investigated, prosecuted and sentenced. We say Mene mene tekel upharsin translated to (President Robert Mugabe and his wicked kingdom.”

Turning to the proposed coalition of opposition parties, Moyo said PDP was committed to the project, as it was a sure way of dislodging Zanu PF from power.

“But the coalition must be based on principles and values. PDP will not be part of a coalition which will force its members to support thieves and corrupt MPs and councillors.
PDP will join hands with those who want a fresh start in our council chambers and in the august House of Parliament,” Moyo said.

Hlalo promised to rescue the people of Makokoba from what he described as the mess created by MDC-T councillors.

“PDP must stop corruption and looting by these councillors. MDC-T party remains the party on a looting spree, hence, the need for the people of Makokoba and Bulawayo in general to stand up and revolt against those stealing their future,” he said.

“I will defend Bulawayo by my blood because it’s all that I have.”

Hlalo said, as a businessman, all his investments are in Bulawayo, hence, his commitment to create a conducive environment for doing business.