Polad principals optimistic

Source: Polad principals optimistic | The Herald

Joseph Madzimure-Senior Reporter

Political Actors Dialogue (Polad) principals are optimistic that President
Mnangagwa will restore the dignity of the country through his sound
policies which have already transformed the country as it journeys towards
an upper middle class economy by 2030.

This comes as the country’s economic policies have received kudos from the
International Monetary Fund and also the main opposition party, the MDC.

The pragmatic leadership of President Mnangagwa has been on display in the
past year as he has led from the front in the fight against Covid-19,
while at the same time keeping the economy afloat.

Spokesperson of Polad, Mr Nesbert Mtengezanwa said as political parties
they are committed to the successful implementation of all national

He also commended the Government for the tremendous work and efforts in
containing the Covid-19 pandemic.

“As Polad we acknowledge the great work on the ground where Government led
by the Ministry of Health and Child Care, has embarked on a massive
vaccination programme, whose success is not only a marvel to our
neighbours in the African continent, but to the globe at large as
acknowledged by the World Health Organisation (WHO),” he said.

Zimbabwe is leading the pack in the region and is among the first African
countries to vaccinate its people.

“On behalf of my colleagues and all Polad principals, we wish to express
our profound gratitude to you your Excellency for your visionary
leadership in establishing the Polad platform.

“Together, we see Polad as your vision of creating an enduring foundation
for the establishment of lasting peace, harmony, unity and prosperity for
the well-being of our nation.”

Another Polad member, New Patriotic Front party president Mr Welcome
Shumba said all political party leaders should play a role in fighting the

“We cannot leave President Mnangagwa alone in fighting the pandemic, while
we are watching from the terraces. It is the role of all political party
leaders to educate the people on the need for vaccination. The pandemic
knows no boundary” said Mr Shumba.

Polad chairperson on International Relations and Re-engagement Committee
Mr Divine Hove said President Mnangagwa has done extremely well in
fighting the pandemic.

“It is now the responsibility of the Zimbabwean citizens to complement his
effort by adhering to Covid-19 World Health Organisation protocols,” he


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    Ndebele 1 year ago

    What a complete load of normal Zanu bull dust. Nothing could be further from the truth. Look at what they have done to the country and its people over the last 41 years.