Police declare war on vaccination cards dealers

Source: Police declare war on vaccination cards dealers – DailyNews

POLICE commissioner-general Godwin Matanga has issued a stern warning to people offering fake Covid-19 certificates.

This follows the unearthing of a syndicate believed to be selling Covid-19 vaccination cards to the public in Chitungwiza for US$25 each.

The offence has since led to the arrest of two health employees at Seke Clinic and their suspected accomplice.

Sekai Gabrile and Shorai Sichori have since appeared in court on allegations of criminal abuse of duty as public officers.

In his Easter Holiday statement, Matanga said his force will descend heavily on the perpetrators.

“Those who are taking advantage of the public by offering fake Covid-19 certificates will be severely dealt with by the police,” he said.

Reports emanating from Seke Clinic are that 479 vaccination cards, which have gone missing, are allegedly being sold to members of the public.

The investigating officer in the matter, Gilbert Manyore said they are on the ground working to unearth more details about the syndicate.

Seke Clinic reportedly received 2000 Covid-19 vaccination cards from Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals which were to be issued to people who would have been vaccinated.

Sichori allegedly stole one card from the clinic storeroom and gave it to Gabrile to sell to prospective buyers.

Allegations are that Gabrile sought the services of one Lloyd Chidziva to look for buyers and the card was allegedly being sold for US$25. Chidziva was also arrested over the incident.

Before the coming of the vaccine, the police were engaged in a fight against the proliferation of fake Covid-19 certificates which saw the arrest of employees at a local medical facility accused of issuing the certificates.

Several people have been arrested at the country’s airport and borders intending to leave the country using fake Covid-19 certificates.


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    tiki 1 year ago

    Law enforcement and medical fraternity must ensure life bans of perpetrators. what more evil are they doing abusing positions of complete trust they hold in society? Kuroora mai zvaitta sei shura rakadaro, nekuda kwe $25 chaiyo?