President promotes 87 police officers 

Source: President promotes 87 police officers | The Herald

President promotes 87 police officers
President promotes 87 police officers

Precious Manomano Herald Reporter

President Mnangagwa has promoted 87 senior officers to ranks ranging from Superintendent to Chief Superintendent.

Of those promoted were 26 superintendents who are now chief superintendents and 61 chief inspectors who have risen to the rank of superintendent.

The promotions were made in terms of the Police Act Chapter 11:10 Section 14(1)(b). Commissioner General of Police Godwin Matanga yesterday conferred the ranks at a parade for the promoted senior officers in Harare.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police like any contemporary organisation, religiously undertakes promotion exercise with a view to reward good performance and dedication to duty across the rank. 

“I am therefore confident that the officers receiving their new badges of rank possess requisite knowledge and skills, attitudes and competences to drive ZRP forward in attaining objectives set out in the ZRP Strategic Plan Horizon 2025,” he said.

Comm Matanga urged the newly promoted officers to work hard and uphold virtues of professionalism when discharging their duties to attain the organisation’s objectives.

He also said senior officers were expected to exhibit attributes of patriotism, loyalty and selflessness in defence of the permanent interests of the nation.

He emphasised that justice and peace are critical elements, which should be held by the criminal justice system.

“Let me say to the newly promoted superintendents, the senior officer level of the organisation which you have been elevated to comes with implications on how you exercise authority. This does not apply for only in the organisation but also within the broader criminal justice system.

“It is essential that you understand that you have entered a critical juncture in your career where you are assuming more demanding roles of being justices of peace. You will be the custodians of peace where your major task is to ensure that peace prevails and the ends of justice are met,” he said.

Comm Matanga also urged police officers to combat corruption activities for the betterment of the country.

The ZRP rank hierarchy under the new structure starts from constable to sergeant, sergeant-major, assistant inspector, inspector, chief inspector, superintendent, chief superintendent, assistant commissioner, commissioner of police, deputy commissioner general and then commissioner-general. 

Under the new structure, former senior assistant commissioners are now called commissioners.