Release money now to the rightful party, Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi 

Corona is a feeble excuse

Source: Release money now to the rightful party, Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi – The Zimbabwean

Ziyambi Ziyambi


Dear Hon. Ziyambi Ziyambi,

It all gets exciting, following the bold move by MDC-T Secretary-General Mr. Nixon Nyikadzino to write to Parliament clarifying the parties represented in Parliament of Zimbabwe, just a few days after I wrote to you telling that is was inappropriate for you to give money due to the MDC Alliance because of the votes they garnered during the 2018 elections to the MDC-T.

The Parties represented in the Parliament of Zimbabwe are reflected in all parliamentary documentation, in the Hansard, the website and everywhere else. Even if the parties are to observe the Supreme Court ruling and end up uniting as suggested by the Supreme Court, money due to each part as registered in Parliament will still be paid to the party that is registered in Parliament, and if they decide to share, that is their business.

It has been said over and over again that political parties are voluntary organisations, where people have the freedom to associate and dissociate, a right which Dr. Khupe and members of the MDC-T she leads exercised when Dr. Khupe said .

“Going forward, we hereby immediately dissociate ourselves from any members of the MDC who are resorting to the use of wanton violence, intimidation and thuggery as tools for political mobilisation”.

Dr. Khupe’s acceptance speech after her election as President of the MDC-T, Dr Khupe said they would not work with anyone who did not respect both the party’s and national constitution.

Political parties are formed by people with mutual political interests, not imposed by Courts. The Supreme Court here was assuming that there is still willingness to work together, therefore, the parties involved cannot hold an Extra Ordinary Conference together when they are not interested in working together. Yes, courts, are there to resolve issues, including domestic issues, but they cannot impose marriages. Honorable Ziyambi, you are quoted by the Daily News on Sunday in your capacity as Justice Minister saying “I think the claims by the Mwonzora group are correct” so they deserve the $7.5 million due to the MDC Alliance. It was very careless of you to speak on speculation when you are the Leader of Government Business in Parliament who should know very well the parties that make up Parliament and how many seats each of them has, and which of them qualify for what percentage of the total allocation under the Political Parties Finance Act.

If you doubt with what I am saying, Honorable Ziyambi, go and ask the Supreme Court if they meant that the MDC-T should have an Extra Ordinary Congress if the people interested are no longer seeing eye to eye politically, and the Supreme Court will tell you that that is not what they meant. Even Dr. Khupe and senators Mwonzora and Komichi who seem to be salivating at the prospects of controlling $7.5 million to be given to the MDC-T which has three members in Parliament and in Senate should either re-read the Supreme Court judgement and see if it says the MDC-T should be given the Parliamentary allocation that belongs to the MDC Alliance, or go and ask the Supreme Court if it has authority to direct the diversion of funds from one parliamentary recognized political party to another. That will be total abuse of the over a million Zimbabweans who voted for MDC Alliance parliamentarians and a violation of their rights as expressed in those elections, and I am hoping that some of these will file petitions against any move to steal by conversion in this manner. I see another Court case looming.

Parliamentarians elected to Parliament under the MDC-T ticket will remain under the control of the MDC-T, and any parliamentary privileges to be enjoyed by these parliamentarians are for the benefit of the people who elected them into Parliament or Senate who they represent in those houses. Similarly, parliamentarians elected to Parliament under the MDC Alliance ticket will remain under the control of the MDC-Alliance, and any parliamentary privileges to be enjoyed by these parliamentarians are for the benefit of the people who elected them into Parliament or Senate who they represent in those houses. The MDC-T and the MDC- Alliance have the right to recall these MPs if they go against party protocol.

I hope that the letter written to Parliament by MDC-T Secretary-General Mr. Nyikadzino will serve as a reminder to all members of parliament that the organization and whose ticket they went into Parliament has the right to recall them, and they should not be bound by the love of a salary to stay in parties whose values they no longer believe in, but should even voluntarily resign and join a party of their choice rather than wait to be recalled. I know very well that there are some politicians who are driven by money, and I have seen video footage of Dr. Khupe saying that she is in politics for money, and I would want to believe there are many more of similar persuasions across the political divide.

Without wanting to get into MDC-T politics, the response by the Parliamentarians from MDC-T show very clearly they know where they belong, they know who sponsored them to Parliament, and despite their differences with their Secretary-General, they respect as they said in their statement which has been published in some online publications “all MDC-T legislators remain loyal to the party as led by Dr Thokozani Khuphe and the leadership collective elected at the party’s 4th Congress”, I hope you hear that Honourable Ziyambi, Dr. Khupe, Senator Mwonzora and Senator Komichi. These legislators knows that despite whatever the courts have said, they were sponsored into Parliament under the leadership of Dr. Khupe, and it remains like that.

I have heard fake MDC-T Chairman Senator Morgan Komichi, who, out of the love for power, jumped into the Chairmanship which the Supreme Court had reserved for the 2014 Chairman Mr. Lovemore Moyo say they will recall MDC Alliance MPs.

Honorable Ziyambi, my advice to you, once again, as a Minister you need to consult before you make statements such as I think this, and I think that talking to the media, because that only help demonstrate to the world how incompetent Zimbabwean Ministers are. The confidence that Dr. Khupe, Senator Mwonzora and Senator Komichi are displaying about getting ZW$7.5 million from Treasury and your assurances to the media will give an impression to the world that you have had some secret meetings with one or all of these and gave them the assurance that you will hand them the money. The mere fact that you address such an issue to the media is corrupt, and I am not surprised that you are still a minister because your appointing authority is known to pretend to be fighting wrong doing when he actually promotes it, an example being the elevation of Minister Oppah Muchinguri to the Cabinet Committee on the Coronavirus, when the Minister had peddled falsehoods about the virus, when that appointing authority has issued statements that he is against people who peddle falsehoods.

We can read through your false excuse that the money has not been disbursed because of the Coronavirus. Has the same Government not disbursed ZW$200 to Zanu PF selected people affeted by the Coronavirus in the midst ot the pandemic, as reported by Professor Mavima, Minister of Social Welfare? How come money can be disbursed to millions of Zimbabweans and you tell the world its not possible to disburse money to a deserving political party because of Coronavirus. Disburse that money now to the rightfully registered party NOW, failure to do that is evidence of corruption.

I hope you will swallow your pride and apologize for your wrong thinking.