Resolutions of the MDC National Council meeting

Resolutions of the MDC National Council meeting

Source: Resolutions of the MDC National Council meeting – The Zimbabwean

The National Council met in Harare at Morgan Tsvangirai House, to consider its position and way forward. The council noted that it was meeting in the context of a stolen election. The council considered important matters relating to the elections.

Morgan Komichi

The council made the following resolutions:

1.The people’s President Advocate Nelson Chamisa won the election with 2.6 million votes and that he is the legitimate President of the country.

2.The Party will consult Zimbabweans across the country about the way forward with regards to the stolen election, thereafter shall embark on a national programme of action resulting from the outreach.

3.The President is authorised to engage all stakeholders in dialogue with the scope of dealing with the current impasse arising from a stolen election and to resolve related governance issues.

4.The Party will put into effect an earlier resolution to integrate Alliance partners back into the MDC

5.The Party will engage in rallies to thank the 2.6 million people who voted for President Chamisa.

I thank you

Hon Morgen Komichi
MDC National Chairperson