Rwandese jet in for teachers interviews 

Source: Rwandese jet in for teachers interviews – NewsDay Zimbabwe

OFFICIALS from Rwanda’s Education ministry are in the country to conduct interviews with local teachers who have shown interest to relocate to the east African country.

Rwandese Education ministry secretary Charles Karakye told journalists that the teachers to be contracted will have to sit for examinations online.

“Administration of examinations is proposed to start on 17th August 2022 in all the provinces. Zimbabwe has provided examination centres that are ready to accommodate 355 candidates and are equipped with a high-speed internet connection,” Karakye said.

After completion of the recruitment process, the educators from Zimbabwe will undergo a joint pre-departure training session, which will cover, among other issues, culture, history, values and the historical background of Rwanda.

“This session will be conducted by Zimbabwe in collaboration with the Embassy of Rwanda in Zimbabwe. Then, during the period ranging from September 5 to 9, 2022, the Rwandese Education ministry together with different concerned government institutions will prepare an induction programme that will cover the following aspects: Rwandan culture, history and its values, the historical background of the Rwandan education system, and detailed information about the geography of Rwanda as a new place of their stay for not less than two years. The ministry will host them in one of the hotels in Kigali before they are deployed to their respective workplaces,” he said.

The recruitment of teachers has raised eyebrows among local teachers’ unions who believe that Zimbabwe should not be exporting teachers given the current 1:108 teacher to student ratio.

The country’s education sector requires an estimated 200 000 teachers.

Teachers’ unions also fear that the local teachers who will be exported to Rwanda might be subjected to low wages, despite being expatriates.