Should you Play Warframe in 2021?

Warframe is one of the most unique shooter games out there, that you can play in 2021 and what makes it so enjoyable is the fact that this game is ever-evolving. It sure is easy to learn but hard to master with more of a steep learning curve, but it gets easier once you start to get hold of it.

Now there are rumors out there saying that the game is not worth playing anymore and that its full of bugs and that’s why we decided to make a small guide for those who are wondering if Warframe is worth playing in 2021. Let’s find out:

Is Warframe Worth Playing in 2021?

First and foremost, the game is free to play, which means that everyone can play the game and all you have to pay is your time to try it out. And it also makes for some great reach as more players will be able to play this ever-evolving TPS game.

One of the many reasons why players love this game is the absolute sense of thrill that you get from the fast-paced shooting and traversing experience with the whole parkour system in the game. It sure is a highlight for this game as it gives you the satisfaction that you truly desire but that doesn’t make it any less hard than it actually is. As a beginner you are so going to hit the walls while trying to move and keep the speed under control but trust me it’s totally worth it once you get hold of it, it can be immensely satisfying and there’s a lot of tricks you can try out.

Warframe Offers So Much

One of the best things about Warframe is the choice of weapons that you can have. You have access to a wide range of weapons in Warframe, including grenade launchers, shotguns, machine guns, and assault rifles, even photon cannons and flamethrowers, basically every weapon that you could possibly think of.

You can play around with different guns and have ton of fun trying out different weapons as you start out with your new Warframe account, they will surely keep you hooked for hours, exploring your options.

But that’s not all the game has to offer, the story is actually good too and fans seems to enjoy it but one of the downsides or more like a trade off that you would have to make is that some of the features don’t work the way they are supposed, meaning there are some minor bugs in the game that you’d see every now and then even with the updates but the developers are quick to make sure that all the bugs are fixed and the game is running smoothly.

There is something for everyone as the game lets you have fun in both the Solo mode, if that’s something that you are going for or Squad mode if you are the one to play with your friends. There are some pretty crazy fights that you can complete which requires you to be more tactical in your approach.

One of the things that I like the most about this game is the fair-to-play gaming style, I mean there is no pay wall in the game that restricts you to make progress in the game, if you are not spending real money to buy in-game items, which you totally can if you want to and they are worth it if you can afford them.

So, yeah from my own experience and some of the players from the internet, I think Warframe is totally worth exploring and the best part is it’s completely free so you don’t have to spend a penny, just a bit of time.