Sikhala challenges authenticity of evidence

Source: Sikhala challenges authenticity of evidence – NewsDay Zimbabwe

Job Sikhala

OPPOSITION legislator Job Sikhala yesterday challenged the submission as evidence of a flash disk containing a video of him allegedly inciting violence.

The State represented by Garudzo Ziyadhuma and Tendai Shonhai wanted to submit the alleged flash disk as an exhibit, saying it contained evidence of Sikhala committing the

But Sikhala’s lawyers Harrison Nkomo and Jeremiah Bhamu said the video might have been tampered with.

“It is worrisome that the State is asking the court to admit evidence whose originality is not known. Your worship, you cannot sit there and ignore the breaking of the law by the State,” Nkomo said.

“What if this piece of evidence is doctored? It is dangerous to admit such a piece of evidence. The production of the content must be verified before it can be tendered.”

Magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti-Guwuriro postponed the matter to May 5 for ruling on the tendering of the evidence.

The State told the court that it downloaded the video from YouTube, but the defence submitted that there was need to verify its authenticity with YouTube.