Stage set for State of the Nation: Mirage 

Source: Stage set for State of the Nation: Mirage – NewsDay Zimbabwe March 14, 2019

Eunice Tava


THEATRE in the Park will this weekend present the last part of State of the Nation series — State of the Nation: Mirage — which reflects through drama, the country’s current affairs.

Audiences would be given an opportunity to express their opinion about current national developments after the play is staged on Friday and Saturday, according to the play’s writer and director, Peter Churu.

“It’s about what you think is there and it actually isn’t, and it applies to both ends of the spectrum; the government on the one end and the citizens on the other end. Unfortunately, what we have is an ‘US’ versus ‘them’ situation, with government on one end and citizens on the other,” Churu said in a statement.

He added that the play explores citizens’ expectations of their leaders, highlighting whether or not those had materialised since November 2017.

“On the one hand, we’ve got government saying that we are doing this and that, but what’s our role as citizens in ensuring that we travel this road together?” Churu quipped.

The underlining theme in the play is that Zimbabwe needs all hands on deck if it is going to succeed.

The theatre piece features veteran actor, writer and director Daves Guzha, Eunice Tava, Tafadzwa ‘Bob’ Mutumbi and Chido Tenga.

State of the Nation: Mirage comes hard on the heels of its predecessor edition, State of the Nation: Vortex.

“State of the Nation: Mirage is the story of our life. Everyone can take part in crafting the trajectory that we want our country to go to. This show is an opportunity for everybody who has got thoughts about what should be the priorities of our country to come through and share them with everybody else,” Churu said.