Thumbs-up for eco-friendly bins

Source: Thumbs-up for eco-friendly bins | The Herald August 26, 2019

Thumbs-up for eco-friendly binsClr Gomba

Yeukai Karengezeka Municipal Correspondent
Harare Mayor Councillor Herbert Gomba has endorsed the newly-invented underground skip bins which reduce negative impact on the environment.

He was speaking during a visit to National Foods’ Aspindale depot last week, where a prototype has been installed.

Cllr Gomba said the city was having challenges on waste which was being dumped on open spaces, on surface bins which are located in industrial, residential and in the central business district areas.

“What I have witnessed here is something beautiful that we require to use as council as well when it comes to waste management,” he said.

“We were looking at bins that were overflowing and a lot of flies will be flying around, which is not hygienic and environmentally friendly.”

Cllr Gomba said it was essential to support the local industry and council was going to consider engaging them after following the due processes.

Pro Bin Waste Management Company founder and inventor Engineer Farai Mupini said the invention was meant to eradicate waste and keep the environment clean.

“This new type of a bin is environmentally friendly and has a capacity of eight cubic metres and it takes away all the rubbish that we see in the cities and the residential areas under the ground,” he said.

“Our aim is to try by all means to keep the environment clean, always using modern technology and this will eradicate potential hazards of water-borne diseases.”

Eng Mupini said they intended to install the bins in schools and in industrial and residential areas and the refuse will be collected periodically.

“We are going to split the type of waste plastics, iron and organic waste from the word go and will educate the market on how to split that waste before dumping it,” he said.

Previously, the company manufactured small underground bins, which they installed at four points in the CBD.