UK Academic Says Chiwenga Actually Breached The Constitution

Source: UK Academic Says Chiwenga Actually Breached The Constitution | ZimEye

Staff Reporter| A top UK academic says that the Defence Forces Commander, Gen. Constantino Chiwenga breached Zimbabwe’s constitution when he staged the coup that saw Robert Mugabe being deposed 2 weeks ago.

Despite the positive public support for removing Mugabe, Chiwenga’s central motives were political and go against the full print of the constitution, Huddersfield University academic Dr Nkululeko Sibanda says.

“What did Chiwenga say about his coup? Factionalism in Zanu PF and to protect War Veterans from being fired from government and to restore order in Zanu PF. This is what I call treason,” said Sibanda.

He lifted an extract from the constitution which states that military personnel should be distance themselves from political interests.

In his statement on the 13th November, Chiwenga said: “Unfortunately since the turn of 2015, Zanu PF’s traditional protocol and procedures have changed with a lot of gossiping, backbiting and public chastisement being the order of the day. Indeed the party is undoing its legacy built over the years.”


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    Ayup Nkululeko, thy art oggleing the bum version, what thee are looking at ist thu proper screed, thee one in te day use has one paper and tas has only a couple of typeings, that gab, “Everything shall be done and is permitted to keep the party in power”.

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    Peter 5 years ago

    Guys we are happy old man is gone finish and klaar , constitution or not don’t spoil our happy moments

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    If one looked at the constitution of Rhodesia at the time you will find everything they were doing was deemed “constitutionally legal” as well, but that didn’t stop Britain and whoever else from helping overthrow the Rhodesian’s now did it? what was happening was morally wrong so it had to be made rite by any means necessary its the same situation now.

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    Domingos Rui 5 years ago

    We don’t give a damn how Mugabe left. You stay with your academics where you are. We are tired of people like you who just want to analyse what others have done. You have no solutions to our problems here. We Zimbabweans at home are happy what Chiwenga and the Army did. What follows is a different problem, but one down. Even war we were now ready to remove Mugabe. Mugabe was tramping on this Constitution, day in day out. And you were quiet there wherever you are. So please shut up.

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    Simon 5 years ago

    Our judges have spoken and put finality to the matter and everybody is happy. Sibanda should let sleeping dogs lye. Focus on how to make Zimbabwe better.