Upsurge in ritual killings and violent crimes in Zimbabwe unsurprising – what are we to expect from a country governed by a leadership embroiled in murderous occultism?

There is a very popular adage – “a fish rots from the head” – and, as such, what characterizes any nation is shaped by its leadership.

Source: Upsurge in ritual killings and violent crimes in Zimbabwe unsurprising – what are we to expect from a country governed by a leadership embroiled in murderous occultism? – The Zimbabwean

Tendai Ruben Mbofana


It is as simply as that!

This is akin to a family. Before anyone rushes to condemn the apparently waywardness of the children – let alone, even attempting to solve such issues – one needs to first take a good look at the parents, and in most case, another wonderful saying applies, “an apple does not fall far from the tree”.

As sure as night comes after day, and the sun will rise in the morning – most of what determines a child’s behavior (possibly, going all the way into adulthood) emanates from the home front, which may be termed, the “root causes”, that then breed fertile ground for other environmental influences, both positive and negative.

A nation is not, by any means, spared, since how it is characterized is largely moulded by the leadership’s own behavior – such that, a rotten leadership breeds a rotten nation, an excellent leadership breeds an excellent citizenry.

Should we, then, be particularly shocked with the upsurge in ritual killings (especially, of children), when the country is presided over by a seemingly occultist group – whose leadership is daily embroiled in one nefarious ritualism report after another – most recently, with the reemergence of the struggle over the late former president Robert Gabriel Mugabe’s remains, ostensibly for ritualistic purposes…as claimed by some of his close relatives, as nephew Patrick Zhuwao?

Not being the first time encountering these controversies surrounding Mugabe, as it was also reported that one of his deathbed instructions to his family was that, his body should never be left in the hands of this so-called “new dispensation” – which came to power through a military coup d’etat, that toppled him (Mugabe) in November 2017 – because, he knew his erstwhile comrades very well, and they would use his corpse for ritualistic power-enhancing purposes.

Which is why his wife, Grace, and family, secretly buried him at his rural home, reportedly under heaps of concrete – apparently, much to the chagrin of the ruling elite, who had been adamant that he should be interred at the national heroes shrine.

Furthermore, why should we be surprised with the heightened prevalence of violent crimes, when we are governed by a ruling elite that possesses no qualms at all unleashing merciless brutality upon its own citizenry – to the point of deploying the military to ruthlessly quash demonstrations, by using live bullets at unarmed protesters (leading to the death of scores), or tormenting opposition, human rights, and anti-corruption activists through unbridled persecution through prosecution, and the weaponization of the law, as well as numerous reports (highlighted by several reputable local and international rights organizations) of abductions, beatings up, and sexual abuse of perceived opponents?

Again, “a fish rots from the head”, and “an apple does not fall far from the tree”!

As long as Zimbabweans live in a country cursed with the leadership that it currently has the grave misfortune of having, then we should not expect anything better from the manner we, as a people, treat each other.

The only hope left for the people of Zimbabwe, against such heinous evil, and dark cloud hovering above our nation, is genuine fervent prayer to our Almighty Jehovah God for true salvation, removal of wicked forces, and healing for the country – from the highest offices to the bottom.

Similarly, the nation should never allow themselves to be hoodwinked into partaking in any state-sponsored prayers, and their captured dubious church leaders – as this is akin to the devil leading the Church in prayer – but, on our own, in our own homes, we need to get down on our knees, and call upon the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to redeem our country from the forces of darkness griping our people.

Only, then, can we hope and realize a new reformed, healed, and prosperous Zimbabwe – a country whose people will live in love, peace, and harmony – from the very top to the grassroots.

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