VIDEO: ZANU pf official says there will be civil war in Zimbabwe

ZANU pf official says there will be civil war in Zimbabwe if Nelson Chamisa wins.


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    Peter David Joffe 4 years ago

    Tell me please as to how a civil war can happen in Zimbabwe when only one side has weapons??? Zanu-PF has more then enough guns to wipe out two thirds of the people of Zimbabwe. All the other people combined do not have safe haven anywhere. Do not have any weapons. Will not get support from neighboring countries. Yes Zimbabwe can have another genocide as ZANU-PF has already done this once so perhaps they can and will do it again. Civil War is not possible in Zimbabwe. ZANU-PF knows how to kill defenseless people but to kill armed opponents is another matter altogether but MDC are not armed and not supported from outside.

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    ENT Chitauro 4 years ago

    It is saddening to see Comrade Chrispen Matavire aka David Todhlana saying such frightening things. Has he forgotten the “Political Orientation” that the power is with the people and not with individuals they be of whatever political persuasion. Comrade you are 100% wrong, the people want change not this theft of the electorate vote. You the son of the Matavire was wounded to liberate people from all bondage not to govern them. It would have been alright if your governance was fine not this corruption and clanism of Mugabe and Mnangagwa. I used to know you as a vibrant champion of the people not what you are now a champion of reactionaries.