Why are Christians some of the most unChristian people in this world?

Yesterday, a very good friend of mine forwarded me a document, which I found extremely troubling, but at the same time, profoundly eye-opening – as it listed countries with the highest murder, robbery, gangsterism, drug and alcohol abuse, prostitution rates, which suggested that over ninety-nine per cent (95%) of these were supposedly predominantly Christian.

Source: Why are Christians some of the most unChristian people in this world? – The Zimbabwean

I was amazed, but certainly not shocked at all.

What merely amazed me was seeing it in black and white, stark in my face.

However, what did not particularly shock me was the fact that I knew that, as Christians, we were the most dishonest, devious, and lost people on this planet – in fact, I can bodily declare that, we are some of the most unChristian people in this world.

This is a discussion that has always been a feature in my own household, as my wife (Tinta) and I always believed that we, as Christians, were a great disappointment to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, because we appeared to disobey, disregard, and sought to dilute and compromise nearly each and every commandment He left us to follow.

As a matter of fact, I have always asserted that people of other religions, such as Islam and Buddhism, would have made Jesus more proud – since they religiously and faithfully adhere to each and every word written in their own books of worship, without compromise, or attempting to reason, or dilute any part.

One needs to simply look at crime, HIV/AIDS, divorce, and drug abuse rates in mostly Moslem and Buddhist countries, and my point is clear.

Yet, we as Christians are ignorant of the Word of God or are busy compromising it.

For instance, when Jesus clearly says that we can not divorce unless there was adultery, and anyone who marries a divorced man or woman has committed adultery (Matthew 5:32)  – how many Christians have actually being married to a divorcee, or themselves remarried? My point exactly!

Or, if Jesus says, “Love your enemies, forgive all who wrong you, turn the other cheek, or give without expecting to be given back” (Matthew 5: 39, 44, and Matthew 6: 14, 15) – how many of us actually follow these commandments without question or compromise?

Why that is so, I would believe, is that most of us who profess to be Christians, do not even understand more than half of what our faith entails – largely, as a result of our own laziness in diligently and meticulously studying the Word of God (the Holy Bible) on our own, as we wait to be instructed on what to read, when to read it, and what it means, by our respective pastors.

Honestly, how many Christians have actually read the whole Bible on their own?

And, how many times have we, then, carefully, diligently, and meticulously studied, and thereafter, absorbing and meditating on each and every word we read – of course, with the leading of the Holy Spirit, whom Christ said would teach us all things, and lead us into all knowledge (John 14:26)?

In fact, most Moslems can even recite the entire Koran – word for word – yet, Christians, at best, only know a few choice verses.

I have never enjoyed reading fictional books, or watching fiction movies or television programs – as I prefer factual books, encyclopedia, documentaries, and current affairs – but, when we were growing up, I remember most of my friends would love reading such novels as, James Hardly Chase, Hardy Boys, Famous Five, and girls would read Marlory Towers, Nancy Drew, and when older, Mills and Boon.

Surely, would any of them genuinely claim to have fully understood the stories in those books, if they merely waited for someone else to tell them to, for instance, “Read charter 6, paragraph 19, and then go to chapter 13 paragraph 5”, and then explained to them what was happening, and what it all meant – yet, without the reader ever bothering to read the entire novel on their own?

Unfortunately, that is what most of us Christians are doing – as we hardly take time to engross ourselves in studying the whole Bible, from start to end, so that we truly understand the entire story of our God Jehovah, His Son Christ Jesus, and what our faith is all about – but, being merely content with being told by our pastors, and limiting ourselves to daily devotionals, church services, and so-called “Bible studies” (which, again, do not “study” the Holy Scriptures from beginning to end).

If we have enough time and energy to spend endless hours on social media – which does not add much value to our lives – what more the Word of God, that leads us into eternal life?

Even those who study literature at school, know very well that, before attempting to study the various aspects of the book under review, they need to read the whole book first.

The same applies to the Bible – it is a complete story that can not be cherry-picked – reading here and there, and choosing this verse today, and that tomorrow, without studying the story from where it started to how it ended.

No wonder the first words in the Bible are, “In the beginning”(Genesis 1:1), and the last word is, “Amen” (Revelation 22:21) – it is a complete story, that needs to be thoroughly studied from cover to cover…and, just like our other favourite books, not once or twice, but as many times as possible, since each reading reveals ever more amazing truths.

So, how do we expect to be faithful, knowledgeable, and obedient Christians, when we do not even understand what that means?

Is it then any wonder, that most of us end up being deceived and misled by our pastors – whom, we trust so much, and treat as if they were gods in their own right… praising them, more than we praise and glorify Jesus Christ.

(Have you ever noticed that some Christians actually mention the name of their so-called “man of God” more times than they say, “Jesus Christ”, or “Jehovah God” – even placing those human beings’ pictures as their social media profile pictures. Really scary stuff!)

Nevertheless, the point is that, unless and until Christians finally take the Word of God, in its entirety, to their hearts – without waiting to be taught by anyone, as even the Bible discourages that (1 John 2:27) – with the leading of the Holy Spirit, we will forever be the leaders in killing, lying, stealing, lovers of money, fornicating, drunkenness, and other things that Jehovah is against.

© Tendai Ruben Mbofana is a Christian social justice activist, writer, author, and, speaker. Please feel free to contact him on WhatsApp/Call: +263715667700 / +263782283975, or Calls Only: +263733399640, or email: mbofana.tendairuben73@gmail.com


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    Fallenz 2 years ago

    Tendai, you have absolutely nailed it.  Many view Christianity as just a club to join… with the expectation of “tell me what to believe”.  And there are plenty who title themselves as “Pastor”, “Reverent”, and such, who view their place to tell them what to believe, rather than insist that each person must study to come to their own conviction.  And, since God is “not a God of confusion”, right, unbiased study, without preconceptions, should bring all of us to the same conclusions regarding doctrines and God’s expectations of us in how we live and worship Him.  

    Many call themselves ”Christian”, but are never converted to be followers of Christ.  They continue to walk their own path and do as they please.  As the saying goes, if they were charged in court with being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict them……..

    Regarding titles that men take, such as Preacher, Pastor, Deacon, Evangelist, Elder, Brother, Sister, etc.,etc,, those terms are used in scripture, but are descriptions of functions and relationships, not as titles to give power, prestige, and prominence over others.  There is only One who deserves a title, and He is God.  

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    J. Matabelelandw 2 years ago

    Fortunately, many secularists around the world view all religions and their doctrines as being about the self proclaimed elite few gaining and maintaining power and control over the masses or followers. If we consider the influence and effect various devout (Christian) groups are having on the affairs of that fourth world democracy (USA), why would one not be alarmed by their support for bizarre Trumplian perspectives.

    Here is a quote for those people who feel the need to be guided by a superior entity.
    “I’ve come to view Jesus much the same way I view Elvis. I love the guy, but the fan clubs really freak me out!”

    BAAAAAD Muti!

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      Itsme 2 years ago

      I have been involved with some ‘christians’ and tbh majority ive met are rude, judgemental, strive to be top of the hierarchy in church (even though surely they’re equals), bullies, two faced gossip…it seemed to me to be that they all want power and do anything to get over the next person. Its opened my eyes massively..its enough to put of anyone off. Mansfield woodhouse, st Edmunds