Wife gets protection against violent hubby

Source: Wife gets protection against violent hubby – The Standard

A Harare man says his marriage collapsed because he was being denied his conjugal rights.

 The revelations were made at the Harare magistrates court last Thursday where Wendy Mupungu was seeking a protection against her estranged husband, Darlington Chokosi.

Mupunga was accusing Chokosi of assaulting her over financial disputes.

“We separated because he used to assault me whenever I asked him for money for rentals,” she submitted.

“He gets paid, but does not want to take care of me and the children.”

In his defence, Chokisi accused Mupunga of denying him his conjugal rights.

“We have tried counselling, but it is of no use,” Chokisi said.

“She denied me my conjugal rights for the only two days that I used to be home for the weekend.”

Magistrate Nyasha Marufu granted Mupunga the peace order.