Woman escapes house inferno

Source: Woman escapes house inferno | The Herald

Woman escapes house inferno

A Chinhoyi woman is thanking her lucky stars after narrowly escaping an inferno when her house caught fire, ignited by a burning gas stove.

Munashe Kachidza, 21, dozed off after putting water on a gas stove to heat, only to wake up surrounded by a inferno engulfing the house.

She is in hospital recovering from excessive fumes she inhaled.

Tendai Kachidza, her father, told New Ziana the entire eight-roomed house was gutted by the fire, and the family lost all its property, save for furniture which was rescued by neighbours.

Munashe was also rescued by neighbours.

“She was rushed to Chinhoyi Provincial Hospital where she is recuperating. However, she is in a stable condition,” the father said.

“I am still in a state of shock and disbelief. My daughter told me that she left a pot of water on the gas stove to boil, but fell asleep.

“Munashe told me that she remembers waking up to see the whole house engulfed by fire and heavy smoke.” – New Ziana