Zesa, Kariba reach agreement 

Source: Zesa, Kariba reach agreement | The Herald

Zesa, Kariba reach agreement
Women carry their laundry to the shores of Lake Kariba recently after Zimbabwe Power Company disconnected power supply in the down due to payment challenges, resulting in taps running dry.

Kariba Bureau

Kariba Municipality has worked out an agreement with the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) which has seen electricity being restored to water intake and pump stations. 

As a result of the disconnection on Monday, which lasted for about 24 hours, taps in most areas were dry, pushing residents to fetch water and do laundry from Lake Kariba. 

This put them at risk of being attacked by crocodiles. 

According to the tentative agreement, Kariba will credit the ZPC account with $36 million and clear the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) debt. 

Kariba owed $39 million before the agreement with Zesa convinced ZETDC to soften its stance and reconnect the waterworks. 

On its part, Kariba had paid an instalment of about $3,5 million. 

The agreement now has to be formalised to extricate Kariba Municipality from a web that was putting it on a collision course with residents. 

Mayor George Masendu heaved a sigh of relief after marathon meetings and phone calls as council sought to find a solution. 

“We are grateful that we have managed to reach an agreement with Zesa. Electricity has been restored to our water intake stations while we move to mobilise funds to clear the September bill,” he said.

Kariba said they were notching a monthly electricity bill of about $4 million and focus was now being shifted to collecting the $99 million owed by residents and other                                                                              ratepayers.