Zesa restores power to Chimanimani

Source: Zesa restores power to Chimanimani | The Herald May 1, 2019

Zesa restores power to Chimanimani
Mr Gwasira

Wimbainashe Zhakata Manicaland Correspondent
The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) has managed to restore electricity in Chimanimani district after injecting over $20 million into the project following the destruction caused by Cyclone Idai last month.

The restoration programme is said to be more than 70 percent complete with key operational areas now fully functional.

ZESA Holdings spokesperson Fullard Gwasira said the project started immediately after the damage.

He said Chimanimani was fully lit although they faced a number of challenges that include importing transformers that needed foreign currency.

“It has been two weeks since we finished the project and it is going on well,” said Mr Gwasira. “We have spent about $20 million to complete this project which started after the destruction. We would like to thank Government for assisting with some of the money to make this project successful.

“Now we can say Chimanimani district electricity project is complete and the district is fully lit.”

Newly-appointed district administrator for Chimanimani, Mr John Misi thanked Government and ZESA for restoring electricity in the district although other places still need attention.

“Most businesses are operational now although some still need attention,” he said. “There are other places that still need to be restored in terms of electricity, but 70 percent of the district has been restored since Cyclone Idai hit.

“ZESA is on the ground full time and we thank Government for helping. However, damaged roads and bridges are giving navigational challenges, but everything possible is being done to do the task.”

Mr Misi said electricity was restored in most key areas within the district and were functioning well.

“Most of the key operational areas have been restored which include rural service centres, clinics, business, schools among others,” he said.