Zim politics toxic: Moyo 

Source: Zim politics toxic: Moyo – NewsDay Zimbabwe

ZIMBABWE’s political environment is “toxic” with citizens polarised by personality politics, self-exiled former Cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo has said.

Moyo was responding to a public backlash after he urged the MDC Alliance to divert funds raised for the purchase of a bullet-proof car for opposition leader Nelson Chamisa towards mobilising polling agents for the 2023 elections.

Zimbabweans in the diaspora have raised over US$120 000 for the purchase of an armoured vehicle after his convoy came under attack during his meet-the-people tours in rural areas.

Moyo said Zimbabwe was engrossed in personality politics.

“The one major reason why Zimbabweans, as a body politic, are ill-prepared to deal with the country’s deteriorated political conditions is because they are balkanised by the politics of affection; driven by principals over principles, wherein personalities always trump up ideas!,” Moyo tweeted.

“As a telling example of the toxic tragedy of Zimbabwe’s politics of affection today, last week I found myself in the ire of cultic anger, after I dared challenge the wisdom of the US$120 000 GoFundMe for a VIP bulletproof car for @nelsonchamisa.

“Notably, the trolls did not offer much of an argument nor really want me to explain myself; all they were about was to demonise me, as a person. Objectively speaking, it’s irrational for a party with no institutional capacity and in desperate need for administrative support, within the calendar cycle of a general election, to prioritise the purchase of a VIP bulletproof car for its leader.”

But MDC Alliance spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere dismissed Moyo’s rant saying the fundraising drive was not a party initiative.

“The fundraising we have seen by the diaspora across the world is citizen driven not party driven. The citizens have the right to set their priorities and take action in the manner they see best to support the struggle,” Mahere said.

“The clear message from the people is that they will own, scaffold and support the struggle. They will stand shoulder to shoulder with Chamisa and the movement as we face persecution.”

Information permanent secretary Nick Mangwana recently said the yet-to-be bought vehicle risked being seized.

Police impounded late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s South Africa-registered bullet-proof BMW X5 towards the June 2008 elections claiming that the car was not properly imported into the country.