Zim, US diplomatic tiff deepens

via Zim, US diplomatic tiff deepens – NewsDay Zimbabwe by Moses Matenga October 8, 2013

GOVERNMENT has summoned United States Ambassador to Zimbabwe Bruce Wharton over the “embarrassment” Foreign Affairs minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi went through in Washington after attending the United Nations General Assembly last month.

Foreign Affairs secretary Joey Bimha confirmed to NewsDay that Wharton was summoned over the incident in Washington in which Mumbengegwi was subjected to intense body search not normally associated with VIPs.

“We have summoned the Ambassador over that on Monday (yesterday),” Bimha said without giving details.

But, officials at the US Embassy could neither confirm nor deny that Wharton had been summoned, saying it was a diplomatic issue.

“You can call the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As a rule, diplomatic missions do not divulge the contents of any diplomatic discussions,” an official from the Embassy’s Public Affairs section said.

Government sources yesterday, however, said there was need to treat Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Shannon Smith, who is set to visit Zimbabwe in a few weeks’ time, in the same manner Mumbengegwi was treated.

“Their Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs is coming, so we will give him the same treatment given to the minister,” a senior government official said.

Mumbengegwi was denied diplomatic privileges that exempt VIPs from rigorous searching procedures stipulated by the US.

Under diplomatic etiquette and common practice, there is a provision that ministers should be escorted straight to their aircraft without going through ordinary procedures for other passengers.

The Mumbengegwi issue came just after the US government warned President Robert Mugabe and his delegation that they should be confined to the UN General Assembly during the course of their stay.

Those restricted were Mugabe, First Lady Grace, their children Bona and Bellarmine, Mumbengegwi, Presidential spokesperson George Charamba and Central Intelligence Organisation director-general Happyton Bonyongwe.

In his reminder notice, US Under-Secretary for Management Patrick F Kennedy said: “Pursuant to the authority vested in me under the Foreign Missions Act, 22 USC, and Department of State delegation of authority number 38 of September 16, 1992, I hereby determine it to be reasonably necessary to USC 4304 (B) to restrict the domestic travel of the representatives of Zimbabwe named below, as well as the named family members to a radius of 25 miles from the Columbus Circle in New York when such persons travel to New York for the 68th session United Nations General Assembly.”



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    Mafuta 9 years ago

    Another Zim-god treated as an ordinary mortal! Have the heavens collapsed?

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    Zvakuri kukaurisana!!!

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    Zvichapera 9 years ago

    There is nothing legitimate about Mugabe, the treatment he go is what he needs. To be reminded he is just another thief, thug has been hard to swallow.

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    Zvichapera 9 years ago

    25 Miles radius is a lot of room to shop, what are they complaining about. 25 mile radius around Harare, what’s so special.

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    bingo wajakata 9 years ago

    The beauty about Americans is that they do not live in a world of their own like what ZANU PF people do. You will be surprised that you can search him and do whatever you want and he will take it in stride! You ZANU people are going to end up with egg on your face. What is so special about Mumbengegwi? I have always wondered why these idiots believe they are semi gods. Look at Mugabe’s motorcade, its pathetic that in a country in which the majority of citizens go hungry and have no access to medication we have a leader who for some reasons is deeply scared of his own people. Ian Smith could walk in first street alone, he would drive to town from his farm and back ALONE! Look at what we Africans do, its really pathetic. We Africans are a shame, ZANU-PF and its maggots have no shame, they steal and have no shame about it. They are able to gloat how rich they are to a starving population, they have no moral. As a father what do you tell your kids? You see son, I got this house and this farm after chasing a white man…..(blah blah bleh as justification). Now when all the white men are gone who is your son going to chase to make his riches? May be that is why the ZANU-people are stealing big time and having no qualms about it, they are stealing enough for themselves, their children, grandchildren and small houses. You aught to be ashamed but shame apparently does not exists in ZANU PF people.

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    MARTZ 9 years ago

    What goes around comes around. We will match you Americans. First you are being bailed our by China to the tune of 4 tillion dollars you think you are still special. Only time will tell. We have also looked East where you are getting financial assistance and have nothing to beg from you. Go hang!!!!!!1

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    Torai hupfumi 9 years ago

    He is not worried about that, go ahead and do what you want it makes no diference.

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    ZimJim 9 years ago

    They (ZANU-PF) should all be looking down, not east.

    They need to see where they are going! 😉

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    Zvichapera chete!!! 9 years ago

    It shows how ZanuPF and its cronies sees themselves as bettter than everyone else. What is so specialabout Mumbengegwi??? If other citizens go through the same protocol everyday why not him? The Sheffsim mentality has grpped the entire ZANU PF to a point that they equate themselves with God.If you ( Zanupf) think you shouldn’t be subjected to body search, then stay in your on country noone will ever bother you. The problem is you are such a bunch of hypocrites. You denounce the west yet you snick in at night to do your shopping in London and New York. Why cant you go to Begieng , China and shop?

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      Daniel Chatama 9 years ago

      Both England and US do not make anything for Zimbabweans to snick out to for shopping; everything is made in China and that include pound and dollars. The West is brain dead.

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    mujibha 9 years ago

    Mukuru ukada kuramba uchinetsana nemaAmericans, wavapedo kuisa ivhu munzeve. These people they r not sadc heads, u have to be careful of what u say about America, motorcade inozvakatswa masikati machena mukazobatwa mahwanda musewage. Izvi zvekuonererwa panevayeni siyananazvo. Smith akakuita donza angaarinani pane America, Pakistan haisati yaziva kuti vakapinda sei kuti vazvakatse bin laden. Usapesve na Chinamasa akarikitwa nabennet.