‘Zim voter education insufficient’ 

Source: ‘Zim voter education insufficient’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe

THE Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) has described the country’s voter education as inadequate because some citizens are not aware of registration and voting processes.

During a Twitter space discussion yesterday, which was facilitated by the Centre for Innovation and Technology on electoral issues, ZESN regional officer Ndodana Ndlovu said there was need for formal voter education programmes because most citizens were misinformed and had no information pertaining to electoral issues.

“Our people are misinformed; people have no information. I think the best is to up the voter education programmes and make sure that people are educated,” Ndlovu said.

“When you go to the bus terminus to teach people about elections, it is actually a waste of time. In our last voter education programme, we had to issue calendars to entice people to listen to us.

“We also need to encourage people in Matabeleland and tell them that not voting is voting indirectly. It means that you are supporting the status quo. If there were 10 people who have been voting honestly and there are 100 people who have not been voting, it means the leaders who are there are leaders who have been chosen by only 10 people.”