Zimbabwe president says ‘monumental task’ to fix economy 

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa has called for calm, as he vowed to tackle the “monumental task” of fixing the shattered economy that has sparked violent protests this week.

Source: Zimbabwe president says ‘monumental task’ to fix economy | News24

Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Wednesday called for calm as he vowed to tackle the “monumental task” of fixing the shattered economy that has sparked violent protests this week.

“Resolving Zimbabwe’s economic challenges is a monumental task… We are moving in the right direction. We will get there,” he said on Twitter. “I call for calm and peace from all of our brothers and sisters.”

Nationwide protests erupted on Monday after Mnangagwa’s announcement that fuel would more than double in price as the country’s economic crisis deepens.

Protesters burned a police station, barricaded roads and looted shops in Harare, Kadoma and Bulawayo cities, while security forces responded with rubber bullets and teargas, and allegedly used live ammunition.

“What we have witnessed is violence and vandalism instead of peaceful, legal protests,” Mnangagwa said, adding he was on trip to Russia and other countries to secure foreign investment for the country.

Mnangagwa released his statement by Twitter, though the country’s internet has been shut down in an apparent attempt to suppress opposition activity and government criticism.


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    Fallenz 3 years ago

    This crisis didn’t just happen overnight!

    Mnangagwe and Chiwenga were major players in the corruption and theft of Zim wealth under Mugabe.  They know where all the dollars went that they, Mugabe, and their cohorts stole.  Let them return all that booty and then implement a legitimate crackdown on corruption.  Until those who put Zim into this crisis come clean, their words are worthless.

    I’d say it’s time for a legitimate revolution to free the people from slavery, end the “one crisis after another” the people have had to endure, and allow Zim to rejoin the international community, but who can be trusted to take control and not just continue the corruption and rape of the nation with different players.  I dunno, but if you find him, let me know and i’ll join the party.