Zimbabwe slides back towards 2008’s economic chaos

Zimbabwe slides back towards 2008’s economic chaos

It is with a sense of déjà vu that the country’s citizens are witnessing the return of spiralling prices, fuel queues, currency erosion and shortages across the board

Source: Zimbabwe slides back towards 2008’s economic chaos – Business Live

Motorists queue to buy petrol in Harare, Zimbabwe, October 8 2018. Picture: REUTERS/PHILIMON BULAWAYO

Motorists queue to buy petrol in Harare, Zimbabwe, October 8 2018. Picture: REUTERS/PHILIMON BULAWAYO

Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown continued on Wednesday as several shops closed down, while those that remained open want to raise prices in defiance of a threat by the government.

This comes as new measures were implemented, including the subtle re-introduction of the local currency and a steep hike in taxes, which will lead to a rise in the cost of living, a loss of savings and shortages of basic commodities. These were all characteristics of the 2008 economic implosion, which left the country with a record high inflation rate of about 89 sextillion percent.

The country also received another blow after the EU, which was one of the key observers during the recent polls, said the election “did not meet international standards”.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa said in a statement on Wednesday that the country would continue to use the multi-currency system and repeated his earlier position that the reforms were “to get the economy on sound footing”.

He did not mention a statement by his deputy, Kembo Mohadi, who on Tuesday said government would deploy monitors to shut down shops that were hiking prices or demanding US dollar payments.

The warning was largely ignored as prices continued to rise, with some shops even changing costs twice on the same day.

Some shops that have temporarily shut their doors include Power Sales, a subsidiary of SA’s Pep Stores, clothing store Edgars, fast food outlet KFC and several restaurant chains.

Zimbabwe’s Jet Store, another SA-headquartered operator, was open but its prices had quadrupled.

A manager at one of the closed shops told Business Day that he feared “an overrun on current stocks as there were no guarantees of restocking because people are spending wildly” to cushion against losing their earnings, which are dwindling fast as a result of the bond note currency, which is increasingly becoming worthless.

Sick patients were some of the worst affected by the crisis as the costs of drugs shot up five-fold in the local currency while other pharmacies demanded US dollars upfront.

Basic commodities such as cooking oil and sugar remained scarce, while long queues continued to be a feature at fuel stations.

Addressing journalists soon after Tuesday’s cabinet meeting, Mohadi said price monitors were on the ground.

“All those caught selling at prices not approved by Zera [the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority] or those service stations selling fuel in hard currency or engaging (in) other untoward trading practices will have their licences revoked,” Mohadi said.

On Wednesday, finance and economic development minister Prof Mthuli Ncube attempted to reassure the public that their money would be safe in the banks, saying a legal instrument would be put in place to ensure that the government does not raid their accounts like it did in 2008.


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    mazano rewayi 3 years ago

    If ED is genuine then his work is cut out here. There are just too many dinosaurs in his government for reform measures to be effective. With all due respect, KM still thinks he can “command” the economy as RGM tried and spectacularly failed – remember a certain Misimirembwa in 2008! We need new thinking.

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      Zimbabwe needs competitive leadership as is done in Britain and USA,just 2 parties only for zim’s size to give each other terms of governing the country not what zanu pf is believing and keeping on hurting the people for their selfish gains without providing service deliveries to the country at large. Zanu pf has failed dismally and its high time they must give MDC chance to run the country pliz.

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    Ndonga 3 years ago

    Mr ED, being a bully and a cheat can win you an election…

    but they can’t win you a successful economy…

    did you not learn that during your many long years as Mad Mugabe’s faithful follower?