Bootlicker Augustine Chihuri sings for his supper

via ‘Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri sings for his supper’  POLICE Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri yesterday took his bootlicking to new depths in his congratulatory message to President Robert Mugabe on his successful re-election.

Report by Everson Mushava  | Newsday

In a praise-singing message published yesterday, Chihuri described Mugabe as a visionary and steadfast leader who, with the help of God, would steer “Zimbabwe and her people to greater heights”.

“Your Excellency, the Zimbabwe Republic Police renews its pledge and commitment to fulfil your endeavours for a better Zimbabwe,” said Chihuri, whose term of office expires this year.

Mugabe was last week declared winner in the July 31 harmonised elections after garnering 61% of the presidential vote.

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai and other political parties that took part in the election have rejected the outcome of the poll claiming it was rigged.

The utterances by Chihuri fly in the face of calls by Sadc for security sector re-alignment and for securocrats not to dabble in politics.

Chihuri and Defence Forces Commander General Constantine Chiwenga recently attacked Tsvangirai inferring he was a malcontent who they would not salute in the event he defeated Zanu PF in any election.

Zimbabwe’s new Constitution calls for security forces to be professional and non-partisan and Sadc leaders recently asked security forces to publicly undertake to uphold the Constitution.

“On behalf of the Zimbabwe Republic Police, Deputy Commissioner-Generals, Commissioners of police, senior police officers, officers, and members and indeed on my own behalf and that of my family, I would like to extend my profound congratulatory messages to you, Your Excellency, the First Lady and your entire family, on your landslide victory and that of the revolutionary party Zanu PF in the just-ended harmonised elections,” Chihuri said.

“Of particular interest to the whole nation is your re-election as President of the Republic of Zimbabwe in the face of adversity and concerted effort by the West who are trying to undermine and rubbish the election in their quest to further their interests.”

Chihuri and other security organisation leaders have been accused of siding with Mugabe and clamping down on the veteran leader’s opponents.

“On this particular occasion, allow me to express my admiration of your vision and steadfast determination to economically empower previously marginalised Zimbabweans, a stance which shall definitely set the path to prosperity and well-being of the citizenry. Indeed the people of Zimbabwe have emphatically demonstrated their faith in your revolutionary leadership and your unequivocal pro-people policies which have continually transformed their lives. Your vision, Your Excellency, is shared by all of us,” Chihuri said.

He added: “We are thus optimistic that the Almighty God shall, like He did to Moses, continue to favour you with the divine wisdom to navigate through the imperialist-driven and transient challenges and steer Zimbabwe and her people to greater heights.”