Zimbabwe’s only beneficiary by AfriCartoons

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The only beneficiary named in the will of the people

by Brandon Reynolds via http://africartoons.com/cartoon/11127?filter=16356


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    Naison Nyereyegona 9 years ago

    This cartoon, like the previous one which depicted President Mugabe as a sickly old man on life support machines, and taking part in a presidential race in which he was wheeled by hospital staff whilst Tsvangirai was prevented from overtaking the President by soldiers and policemen, tries to grossly misrepresent reality of the just ended harmonised elections in Zimbabwe. Tsvangirai lost the election when he went on a philandering spree with various women. He lost the election when he showed unbelievable disdain and disrespect of chiefs by refusing to attend chief Negomo’s court. Mr Tsvangirai lost the election when he told civil servants that money does not grow on trees. There are many reasons why Tsvangirai lost the election, chief among which is his shameful association with western imperialists. No amount of insinuous cartoons will help him. He is politically dead and no matter how much the west will try and prop him up, they will be wasting their time and money. The dull bustard is now as good as a dead horse which will never rise no matter the flogging by the west.

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      Jakwara 9 years ago

      what do you mean ‘depict’?
      nothing depicted, its reality, asi uri ku Diaspora and u dont know your ‘president’?

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    TRINOS 9 years ago

    Congrads Zimbos, our TRILLION DOLLAR notes are once again on their way. We had become so poor with this foreign dollar and soon we are going to oncemore be Billionaires.

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    Ko takatadzeiko 9 years ago


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    ian smith 9 years ago

    Welcome to ZANU-PF I love what you do, bring back the Zimdollar so that I can change by foreign earnings and buy properties in Zimbabwe