Chiyangwa, ZRP ban residents’ meeting

via Chiyangwa, ZRP ban residents’ meeting – NewZimbabwe 02/01/2016

POLICE Saturday blocked Southlea Park residents from holding a meeting to deliberate on Philip Chiyangwa’s threats to evict them from the state land which the Zanu PF central committee member says belongs to him.

Chiyangwa, during the Christmas holiday, gave a two week ultimatum to 8000 Southlea Park residents to pay him $4, 500 each or risk eviction.

The flamboyant businessman is demanding compensation for Oder farm which was acquired by the state for urban development in 2006.

Residents say they want clarity from the authorities over the ownership of the farm before they start paying compensation to Chiyangwa.

On December 30, Southlea Park Home Owners Association leadership sought permission from the police to hold a meeting with residents on 2nd January and they were cleared.

But on 1 January, police reversed the decision and cancelled the meeting after being “directed” from the “top” to do so.

An official with Southlea Park Home Owners Association who requested anonymity said they were called on Friday and directed to cancel the meeting.

“The police (Mbare) phoned us telling us that Chiyangwa had told their bosses to block us from meeting with residents,” said the official.

“An officer said Chiyangwa said no one should hold a meeting at “my” private land,” added the official.

The association’s leaders have also been called to Mbare for a meeting with the police on Monday.

In September, Chiyangwa controversially took over the land which was being superintended by Odar Housing Development Project, a consortium of 56 companies.

The controversial Odar Farm was acquired by the government on June 16 2006 through deed of transfer 816/65 under government’s Garikai /Hlalani Kuhle programme.

The acquisition was confirmed on June 17, 2013 through an Administrative Court judgement.

Government in 2006, through the Ministry of Local Government, entered into an agreement with Odar for the consortium to establish a housing project and the arrangement was that the state would compensate the previous farm owner, ZTA, for the improvements made on the property and then receive its money back within 90 days from the consortium’s beneficiaries.

But despite the existence of these affirmations and the availability of an agreement between the government and Odar Farm, the state entered into another agreement with Chiyangwa on April 9 2015 to give the farm to Sensene Pvt Ltd, a company owned by the businessman.

Chiyangwa had been given the power of attorney by ZTA in an affidavit signed by Andrew Roy Ferreira on January 29 2009-three years after the farm had been acquired by the government.

The agreement between Chiyangwa and the government was signed by Local Government permanent secretary George Mlilo, but there was no gazette to delist the farm.

Mlilo has since declined to comment whether it was government position that Chiyangwa should be compensated for the state land which has not been delisted.


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    the inner workings of the revolutionary party !!!
    a fat cat gets to fleece 8000 peasants of $4500- each ($36 million US$) or they be evicted from their homes where they were settled and told to build by the same party in 2006.
    when the residents try to meet to talk about this, the ZRP bans their meeting.
    thieves and their enforcers.

    • comment-avatar
      Ndonga 5 years ago

      Yes indeed.
      There will be lot of work needed to sort out all of ZANU PF’s wicked crimes when real democracy comes to Zimbabwe.
      But I have to admit that it will be very pleasing to see heartless robbers such as Philip Chiyangwa get what they deserve. There will have to be many criminal trials – and these with a new judiciary that is honest and caring.
      God speed that day…

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    jackass 5 years ago

    For just $ 5 million ( current price for international operations) the residents could hire Ex KGB Russian agents, The Italien Comora, Japanese Yakuzos or lately the Chinese Jin Ling to act as counsaltants on their behalf.And when the negotiations are finally done, I am sure that they will demand that the Residents be compensated their $5 million counsaltion fees, by their opponents ,of which 50% they will take back as bonus.

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    sammy 5 years ago

    Can Amai Grace Mugabe please stop associating with Chiyangwa, Chiyangwa is pretending to be on Grace side yet using Amai Grace’s name and coverup bribing Gvt officials, police to evict 8000 residents from Odar Farm land gazetted by Gvt and given to Odar Housing Consortium.The 8000 families serviced the land for stands , now that the 8000 poor families have finishes servicing the land Chiyangwa now corruptly comes demanding not less than $20000{Twenty thousand dollars each}. Is this what the first lady is allowing Chiyangwa to do to 8000 residents ,Chiyangwa is saying the land is his and that he has support of Grace Mugabe, So is Grace supporting Chiyangwa to to evict the owners of the land. Can the First Lady please correct and stop Chiyangwa , and give the stolen title deeds back to Odar residents, Please Grace Mugabe deal with Chiyangwa corruption at Odar Farm, Can you please First Lady dissociate with Chiyangwa corruption