Coalition only way to unseat Mugabe

In spite of all the grandstanding and rhetoric, opposition parties know that a coalition is their only realistic hope of unseating President Robert Mugabe.

Source: Coalition only way to unseat Mugabe – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 23, 2016

Comment: NewsDay Editor

No matter how they sugarcoat it, opposition leaders have individually tried and fallen short in unseating Mugabe and this alone should be the biggest motivator to the formation of a coalition movement.

It is heartening then to read that there are moves towards forming a coalition and the parties should be meeting in South Africa next week.

However, in the country’s ever predictable politics, the so-called bigger parties seem to be pulling in different directions.

MDC-T and ZimPF, which are arguably the biggest opposition parties, seem non-committal and almost disdainful of the moves to form a coalition, seeking their own processes, which are yet to bear any fruit.

Before we rush to condemn the two parties, we hope they were just playing coy and hoped to get the ever snooping Zanu PF of their scent.

Zanu PF has a reputation of scuppering such talks in the past and the opposition have every reason to be wary of the ruling party.

However, we hope this coyness ends there and the parties are committed to forging a united front in the next election.

If the opposition remain disunited and they lose the next election, then they are as culpable as Zanu PF for our continued suffering.

At this point, most weary Zimbabweans are desperate for anything other than the present regime and would welcome any coalition candidate.

Were there to be a coalition, Zanu PF is ripe for the picking, and this is the opposition’s best chance to get a guaranteed victory.

The economy and the joblessness alone should be enough to consign Zanu PF to the dustbin of history, but there is a caveat to this, the opposition need to be united.

There are many other reasons why Zanu PF cannot win an election, but a united opposition will provide the killer punch.

So, now, more than ever, Zimbabweans need opposition leaders to get off their high horses and put the country first by agreeing to coalesce.

We have said it many times and we will reiterate that no one has a monopoly of leading the opposition and we cannot rely on past near misses or a history in whatever party as a determinant for future leadership.

This is not the time for egos, being haughty and arrogant, but a time to put Zimbabwe and its interests first.

If the opposition fail to cross this hurdle, then this country is doomed.


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    mapingu 5 years ago

    These marriages-of-convenience without shared principles and/or ideologies really don’t work – especially in Africa. So, my take is simple: If Zimboz are stupid enough to go & put their X against a 93 yr old zombie so be it.

    As much as I want Mugabe gone, not only now but as early as two decades ago, in my view, it is more dangerous for Zimboz to undertake some theoretical experiments which clearly doomed to fail again; & leave them at best in the same sorry state in which they are already in. But most likely, the experiments will leave then in a much worse state. We experimented with the so-called GNU. what really came out of it, except prolonging the suffering and dying of our people? People who totally do not share anything in common except a common enemy (who happens to be a common enemy for totally different reasons) will never make a successful coalition. we all know that most (at least 99.5% of people fired from zanu pf) are totally zanu pf in terms of their DNA – corruption, dictatorship, murderers, etc. So how can they ever work with democrats. These guyz are just fighting to get their looting, stealing, raping, killing, etc licences back. Are those the people we would want in government again; for whatever reason? I say – NO NO NO NO …..!

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    F. Tettero 5 years ago

    Agree to that though.

    Put the countries needs at the first place instead the selfish status.
    Each time they use the tactics to “divide and conquer”.
    Don’t be that mule again.
    Unite, simple as it is.

    Then Zim will receive help to solve the draught, work, health, education but more important their democracy back on track. Dont let Zimbabwe burn another 20 years.

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    Nokuda 5 years ago

    Coalition for the sake of it will not work. Also there are parties like PDP and Zapu with no following to talk about but they only have leaders who will come in and cause commotion.

    I think there should be a cautious approach to these coalitions and not a desperate attempt to unseat a 94 year old skeleton at any cost.

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    zindoga 5 years ago

    Don’t you think guys it’s better to have a suggestion than just to say coalition no no , the question will still remain so what? The people of Zim have suffered enogh therefore need a break need a change not he this and that real change. So how do they get that real change when we all just say ha no to coalition it’s better to air a view than to just criticize with no solution . I know and we both know together we can make it but how. My view qe need a strong party which is open to the people about democracy ,zero tolerance to corruption , a party which is longing to revive the industries not to employ soldiers like zanu when there is no war. A part with a clear charter which is SMART with leaders who have a clean background and am sure there are there. If the mavambo kusile , mdc pdp and people first can come clean for our country sake stick to the real issue of developing the nation destroying the greedy cancer and being content with what they have am pretty sure Zim can change. As long as the regime govt is removed and democracy implemented am sure the people will vote out the evil culprits , I mean the corrupt leaders and the police will be able to do a proper job knowing any bribes will lead them to loosing jobs. No body should be above the law and our citizens need a good gvt with people at heart and to achieve this we all need to share good advise and teach the lost to get out of darkness
    Together we can make it happen , humble and peace loving zimbo

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    I totally agree with you Zindoga. What is the alternative? Anything is better than the present regime. Just a change, whatever that might be will at least give zim a glimmer of hope. Things need to be shaken up and people will I think have more courage to vote, not necessarily for a particular party but more importantly against ZANU PF.

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    njalo 5 years ago

    I like the “MAPINGU” comment.

    MAPINGU and Masewe are the nucleus of the new thinking that will change Zimbabwe.

    One day, people like these two, will team up with ” DOERS ” like Strive Masiyiwa and BANG !!!!!!!! Zimbabwe will begin the journey of change . Change for the better.

    Yes, it will take time. The “POVO” have not quite had their fill of the liberties brought about by the so called ” INDEPENDENCE “. They still want to chop down the tree of their choice, drive their unlicenced car on an illicit deal, smuggle their goods across the borders, trespass on the neighbors property, pay the police a bribe demand and then happily attend a ZANU rally and gain a free T Shirt in the process.

    What can the likes of the three people I’ve mentioned do to reign in the mistaken beliefs of the many thousands of POVO ?

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    Mazano Rewayi 5 years ago

    Zimbabwe has never known democracy and inclusiveness so our real task is to democratize the country first. The opposition coalition offers us the opportunity to show that the vote works to change the system. The coalition cannot in itself solve our problems. For starters, none of the leading opposition figures is a saint and none has said anything really meaningful about where they wish to take the country. The opposition coalition therefore should only be a bridge we use to cross into Canaan – whether that bridge remains after the crossing or what material it is made of is really immaterial. Once across, we will be genuinely free and the great among us should emerge from hiding to play their part. Imagine the national feeling if we were to wake up to the news that the current fear and patronage system is dismantled and all citizens can now contribute freely to the development of the country without being reminded where they were in 1976, the color of their skin, their tribal background and their loyalty to the “headman”. This coalition might be our last chance to claim back our country, else North Korea beckons.