Coincidence? You decide

via Coincidence? You decide 26 November 2014 by Jera

The editor of The Herald, Caesar Zvayi, was suspended at some point and the editor of the Sunday Mail, Edmund Kudzayi, was locked up, ostensibly for his involvement in the Baba Jukwa fiasco. At the home of Mduduzi Mathutu, editor of the Chronicle, there was a break-in, at almost the same time that police, suited and booted, launched a dawn raid on Kudzayi’s house. Mathuthu’s laptop went missing. Coincidence or not, you decide.

Fast forward three months to October 2014 and we see Jonathan Moyo ensconced in a sofa, on the VIP platform, next to Emmerson Mnangagwa, wearing a look almost of paternal pride, as Grace Mugabe delivers verbal body blows to Joice Mujuru. The link between Grace, Mnangagwa and Moyo is as clear as a flawless Chiadzwa diamond.

Recently, Grace attempted to explain the origins of ‘weevil.’ According to her, her husband may have been mistaken about Moyo at the time of his graveside rant. The true weevil, so says Grace, is Vice President Mujuru. Grace, with her silent but ever-present cohorts Moyo and Mnangagwa, has led an aggressive media campaign to oust Mujuru and anyone believed to be her supporter.