Purge of Team Gamatox

via Purge of Team Gamatox 26 November 2014 by Jera

So far, only the allies of Mujuru – Team Gamatox – have been purged from the party, which makes a farce of this whole thing about ‘stamping out factionalism.’ Mugabe himself said there were two factions – one led by Mujuru and another under Mnangagwa. It stands to reason that, if the party truly and genuinely aimed to weed out factionalism, the first two people to be removed should have been the faction leaders themselves.

To suppress a rebel unit, you assassinate the leader – basic counter insurgency. The media has been on a mission of character assassination aimed at Mujuru, who has largely remained silent. Nothing has been said of Mnangagwa, not by the media and certainly not by Grace, proving the lopsidedness of this so-called removal of factionalism.

Mugabe’s silence was taken for neutrality when, in actual fact, he remained mum because Grace was doing his dirty work for him – either because he lacked the teeth to do it himself or he was too busy. Who knows. As his caregiver, she takes care of a lot of things, does she not? What’s one more dirty chore?

With one word – ‘stop!’ – Mugabe could have arrested the anti-Mujuru campaign but he sat back. There must be a large budget for Grace’s rallies – helicopter fuel, the motorcade, the professionally printed placards, the rented venues, rented crowd and the endless supplies of seed maize used to bribe supporters – and none of that would be done without being sanctioned by President Mugabe.