Don’t blame sanctions: VP

Source: Don’t blame sanctions: VP – DailyNews Live

Ndakaziva Majaka      22 April 2017

HARARE – Zimbabweans must stop blaming sanctions and focus on reviving the
country’s dying economy, Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa said on

This comes as most Zanu PF government officials, including President
Robert Mugabe, have continuously blamed sanctions – imposed over a decade
ago – for its failed policies and economic woes bedevilling the country.

Western countries imposed sanctions – most of which have been lifted – on
Mugabe, his wife Grace and cronies over human rights abuses, among other
governance concerns.

“Yes, we have sanctions, but if we are going to cry about sanctions
throughout, then we will not grow,” Mnangagwa told delegates at the Public
Accountants and Auditors Boards’ annual accountants’ conference in the

“We have at our disposal good agriculture, mining and tourism . . . those
can be the backdrop for the resuscitation of our economy and the growth of
our economy,” he said.

Departing from the usual rhetoric by his principal, Mnangagwa – who also
doubles up as Justice minister – said it was up to Zimbabweans to turn
around the fortunes of the country.

“At the end of the day, it is up to professionals like you, with the help
of other professionals in the country, to revive the economy,” he said.

This comes as former minister and Zimbabwe National Liberation War
Veterans Association leader Chris Mutsvangwa recently accused 93-year-old
Mugabe’s administration of failing to revive Zimbabwe’s economy alleging
government now hides behind sanctions.

“Every time you blame the sanctions, well if it’s because of sanctions and
you don’t know how to overcome them surrender leadership. Hand it
(leadership) over to war veterans who are gathered here today because they
have a reason why they went to war and you will see them taking the
country forward,” he said.

“You can’t have a commander who is at the fore front always blaming his
guns saying we can’t fight because the guns are bad.

“When your enemy puts you in a difficult position then you are always
shouting that my enemy has brought untold suffering, it’s clear that you
have surrendered,” said the war veterans’ boss.

“You have to find a way of overcoming the enemy and this only comes from
people who are creative like you (war vets),” Mutsvangwa said.

Despite failing to put in place laws to protect property rights, preserve
rule of law and attract investment, Mugabe has over the years said the
sanctions are hurting Zimbabwe’s economy.

While sanctions are targeted at the ruling elite, there are countries in
the world that have also had economic sanctions imposed on them by the
West, and yet have performed significantly well economically.

These include Iran, which has had economic sanctions imposed on it by the
United States since 1979, after its Islamic Revolution.