Mliswa: Treat Dzamara like Moyo’s Zanele

via Mliswa: Treat Dzamara like Moyo’s Zanele – NewZimbabwe 09/11/2015

THE government should give the disappearance of activist Itai Dzamara the same priority and attention it is giving the unexplained death of higher education minister Jonathan Moyo’s daughter.

This was said by former Zanu PF Mashonaland province chairman and Youth Advocacy for Reform and Democracy founder Temba Mliswa Monday on the side-lines of a memorial prayer for Dzamara held at Africa Unity Square in Harare.

Moyo’s daughter Zanele was, last month, found dead in her off campus apartment in South Africa where she was a student at the University of Cape Town.

President Robert Mugabe told the Moyo family that government would press the South Africans for a “satisfactory explanation”.

Vice president Phelekezela Mphoko also urged law enforcement agencies and medical authorities to thoroughly investigate the tragedy.

Government has however, said little about Dzamara who was abducted in March with Moyo dismissively remarking that there was nothing unique about the case since people disappear every day.

Mliswa however said the Dzamara family deserved the same treatment Moyo was getting from government over his grief.

“We seem to be busy with deaths which happen in other countries and not of ours,” he told

“I want to say very sorry about the death of Zanele Moyo; she was my daughter’s friend.

“But the same effort that is being put in by this government to get the truth surrounding her death is exactly what must come out here (regarding Dzamara).”

Dzamara was abducted by suspected state security agents on March 9 in his Glen View home area and has not been heard from or seen since.

Prior the abduction, the activist had been staging demonstrations in Africa Unity Square, protesting against President Mugabe’s “failed administration” and demanding his resignation.

Mliswa said President Mugabe should issue a statement about the activist.

“We had the Vice President(s) and the President commenting (about Zanele Moyo),” he said.

“But is Itai Dzamara not equally Zimbabwean? And does he not deserve the President or the vice Presidents to also comment on his disappearance?”.


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    “But is Itai Dzamara not equally Zimbabwean? And does he not deserve the President or the vice Presidents to also comment on his disappearance?”.

    Well said Temba. It shows how zanu pf people view majority of the people. To Mugabe & his thugs only their families matter. All others are lesser being who deserve to be killed like flies & cockroaches, especially in the name of protecting 1st family & zanu pf.

    Instead of condemning & stopping senseless killing of innocent Zimboz(whose only crime is yawning for a constitutional regime change) we see the Mugabes & the Jonathan Moyos of zanu pf inciting murderous to kill as well as protecting and rewarding them in case & kind.

    Now we are being bombarded by this irritating hullabaloo. Obviously in a vain attempts to coerce us to shed a tear for some little slut who met her fate whilst busy indulging in all sorts of misdemeanors & luxuries which majority have been denied by her father & co. Nxaaaaa! That will never happen anyway.