New technology for roadblocks, tollgates

Source: New technology for roadblocks, tollgates | The Herald February 7, 2017

Pamela Shumba Bulawayo Bureau
Government has established a new computerised system that will detect criminals and motorists who have not paid for vehicle licences at roadblocks and toll gates, Home Affairs Minister Dr Ignatius Chombo has said. Dr Chombo said since last week, trial runs were being held to check the compatibility of the technology. “We have come up with a system where if one comes across any road block, the car is scanned by the equipment and it reveals the full status of that car in terms of ownership, registration and fines which may be due and so on,” said Dr Chombo while speaking in Parliament.

“Someone who may be found on the wrong side is apprehended on the roadblock. On the other hand, when you pass through a toll gate, the police officer will scan your vehicle and it will reveal all the details of the car and the owner of the vehicle.

“We are now computerised and we are assured that thieves will be arrested. However, good citizens will be able to go through these road blocks without hassles.” Dr Chombo said the new technology was also able to record the money paid at road blocks.

“The machine is able to identify the police officer on a road block and the amount of money paid,” he said. “It also enables the collection of funds for Zimbabwe National Road Administration and the local authorities and the computerised system transfers the money to respective institutions.”


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    I wonder where this zanoid thief got his doctorate?? Would he have purchased online perhaps?

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    reader 5 years ago

    REALLY, the country starves while all this intimidation goes on.

    better spend the money on the roads

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    Farai 5 years ago

    This is nothing more than a broke government, desperately searching for any way to steal more money from innocent citizens. With this new technology they can enforce the new VID fee of $50, council fee of $120 and obviously more corruption. How are honest citizens meant to respect the ZRP????????? Don’t worry your time will come

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    Morty Smith 5 years ago

    Don’t worry! How long will any type of electronic equipment remain operational in the hands of the scientific brains at ZRP?

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    olivia lily 5 years ago

    Really nice technology. If any country wants to become more progressive, then they need to collect TAX in any way. Most people escape from being paid. I support this technology and government step. But i hope whatever the TAX they collecting is minimal.