Stony road ahead – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 31st December 2016

As we begin a new year it is difficult to imagine that it will be a happy one in Zimbabwe. Even optimists will find it hard to see anything but a stony road ahead.

Source: Stony road ahead – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 31st December 2016

We at the Vigil in the depths of a British winter are further chilled by the bleak analysis of Prince Mashele, executive director of the Centre for Politics and Research in South Africa (

He argues that ‘Western’ values of accountability, political morality, reason and so on are not African and that it is idle to hope that Africans will have democracies of the type existing in Europe.

He says: ‘People must not entertain the illusion that a day is coming when SA will look like the US. Our future is more on the side of Zimbabwe, where one ruler is more powerful than the rest of the population.’ He goes on: ‘How else are we to explain the thousands of people who flock to stadiums to clap hands for a president who has violated their country’s constitution? . . . In a typical African country people have no illusion about the unity of morality and governance. People know that those who have power have it for themselves and their friends and families.’

The Zimbabwean writer Pettinah Gappah, speaking about a recent visit home, told BBC listeners that, despite the hardships there, she came across many Mugabe supporters. Prince Mashele would sardonically have called them ‘true Africans’.

As we embark on 2017, we at the Vigil cling to the hope that Mashele is too pessimistic and that, having gone through so much suffering, Zimbabweans, given the chance, will find the road to freedom. Speaking at the Vigil, Ephraim Tapa said that free and fair elections were the key. Then the Vigil could shut up shop and we could all go home and rebuild our country into something that is not ‘typical’ and will surprise Mashele. After all, many in the diaspora have learnt something from living in free and democratic countries.

So this new year we wish you all well but with a heavy heart. Even if Mashele is wrong there are many stones on the road.

Other points

  • With government workers still waiting to be paid for December we are getting desperate messages from our families. One of our supporters reports that he tried to send money to his mother by ecocash but they had no cash and could not pay out. He said the family had no Christmas celebration and stayed indoors except for going to church. Dealers on the black market were taking 15% commission. At the moment the only reliable way to send money is through international money companies such as Western Union.
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