Vultures take over Zanu PF: Gumbo

via Vultures take over Zanu PF: Gumbo – DailyNews Live 26 November 2014 by Fungi Kwaramba

HARARE – Former Zanu PF spokesperson and liberation war hero, Rugare Gumbo, says the ruling party has been hijacked by “political vultures” who are running rings around the party’s leadership in what amounts to an effective internal coup.

Gumbo offered this stark warning to President Robert Mugabe in an exclusive interview with the Daily News yesterday, in which he also criticised the ongoing purges of war veterans and senior party officials ahead of next week’s “elective” congress.

He described those whom he alleged had hijacked the party as “mercenaries and losers” in the party’s primary elections, which was a sure sign that Zanu PF had dumped its liberation war values after being taken over by mafikizolos (late comers).

Gumbo’s chilling warning came as Mugabe is tightening his grip on the party and effectively imposing “one man rule” in Zanu PF in what some party veterans say is a clear violation of the liberation movement’s values and manifesto.

“As I have said before, the Tsholotsho vultures have taken over, they are in the process of staging a coup in Zanu PF and I don’t know why the leadership is blind to this obvious scenario.

“Look at the people being marginalised, Joice Mujuru, Rugare Gumbo, Didymus Mutasa, Angeline Masuku and other war heroes like Killian Gwanetsa, John Mvundura, Luke Mashowe among others.

“And who is behind this? The Tshlolotsho gang, assisted by the Gang of Four which includes Jonathan Moyo, Savior Kasukuwere, Oppah Muchinguri and Patrick Zhuwao.

“I have said this to President Mugabe and I will say it again, these people are destroying Zanu PF from within. They have achieved what they have always aspired to do and the party will regret this.

“We are witnessing something strange in Zanu PF, where all of us who were in the struggle are being accused of trying to assassinate the President.

“Mai Mujuru is like a daughter to President Mugabe, how can she decide to kill him now, she knows no other leader except President Mugabe, she was groomed by President Mugabe, why would she want to kill him now and how surely.

“This is a joke surely. I for one have never had any intention of killing even a fly. I don’t and will never have any intention of ending someone’s life,” charged Gumbo.

Last week, Mugabe railroaded his party into changing its constitution, a move that now allows him to sideline Mujuru and appoint his preferred successor.

The changes, which were forced through at Saturday’s tense politburo meeting in Harare, will empower the nonagenarian to appoint his party deputies once they are formally adopted — a marked change from the current status quo where his lieutenants are elected into their positions, and which also sees them automatically taking up the same posts in government.

At the same time, the State media has gone into overdrive, accusing everyone perceived to be sympathetic to Mujuru of working to assassinate Mugabe and promoting factionalism.

Among those accused of plotting to topple and assassinate the nonagenarian are Gumbo, Mujuru, Mutasa and Nicholas Goche.

Analysts also say a faction associated with Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa has been working overtime to ostracise supporters of Mujuru — and virtually all of them, including at least 10 Cabinet ministers and more than 100 Members of Parliament have been booted out of the party’s powerful central committee.

“I’m concerned, really concerned about what is happening in the party. It’s now a circus.

“How do you have people who were overwhelmingly elected at primary elections all being dumped and this by the way includes people who fought for the country, people who sacrificed in the bush to liberate Zimbabwe.

“Zanu PF structures are being decimated and real Zanu PF people are being marginalised. Look at Goche, he has been standing by the President and Zanu PF and has been a pillar of strength, now he is being abused like this.

“What is frightening is that youths, sell-outs and even former Selous Scouts are getting places in the central committee at the expensive of genuine Zanu PF people. It does not make sense at all,” Gumbo added.

A member of the politburo who spoke to the Daily News yesterday accused  Mugabe of presiding over the entire process of destabilising the party.

As a result, he said, genuine party cadres and liberation war fighters were now concerned about the rate at which Mugabe was being “hoodwinked” by one faction in the party.

“Why hasn’t President Mugabe stood up to defend his Vice President? Is he part of this sickening plot? How do you go to congress with appointed officials while those who have the support of the people are thrown away.

“Look at the case of someone like Temba Mliswa who has proved that he is extremely popular but is being dumped and treated like a criminal yet the real thugs are taking posts in the party.

“This will go down in history as a kangaroo congress. Look at the amendments to the constitution. How do you change the constitution at the last minute.

“What is happening in Zanu PF will have far reaching consequences if President Mugabe doesn’t act like a man and stop this nonsense,” the politburo member speaking on anonymity said.


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    mapingu 7 years ago

    Uzvaaa! I’m surprised by the foolishness being exhibited by these zanu pf lunatics. Any sane person must have seen it coming; its only these zanu pf clowns whose seem perturbed by what Mugabe is doing to the party (which is finishing it off). So, these guyz all along they thought Mugabe was only going to succeed in destroying the country while leaving their party intact? What a bunch of idiots! To many of us it was pretty obvious that the man was going to take both the country and the party to the grave.

  • comment-avatar
    ngwalongwalo 7 years ago

    Ja, what goes around comes around, yesterday we were crying that Mugabe is destroying the country and the same people from Zanu Pf who are crying loudest today were at the forefront of the destruction of the country by allowing Mugabe to incasarate his opponents at will change the constitution at will, little did they realise that they are next in the firing line, its time for real change guys bear with it

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    “This is a joke surely. I for one have never had any intention of killing even a fly. I don’t and will never have any intention of ending someone’s life,” charged Gumbo.

    You know how many people Zanu has killed. You were part of it. Of course you wouldn’t want to kill a fly. It does not vote.

  • comment-avatar

    Act in haste and repent at leisure in Chikarubi waiting for the hangmans noose Mr Mugabe…and all you thieves thugs and murderers.

  • comment-avatar
    Mixed Race 7 years ago

    These are the direct results of patronage and corruption.These guys cannot survive outside the protection of the party because they have been spoiled for so many years.Let them test real life challenges,unfortunately most of them are too old to start afresh,therefore they will die in real poverty if their loots were not properly invested.

  • comment-avatar
    Michael 7 years ago

    Feel pity for Rugare and the rest. They have just wakened up from a deep slumber. Dear Rugare and the rest,this is the same situation Zimbabweans have been crying about. Do you have to be in a problem to see one❓Rigged elections which you supported❕ Guess u will finally tell us who Mugabe and Zanu exactly are. For Zimbabwes please wake up the rest

  • comment-avatar
    chizvirega tione 7 years ago

    Wen the hunter is hunted he cries out loud its tru wat goes around comes around (KAARMA)@ least God allowed you to test yo tea I never expect that President is scared of dying

  • comment-avatar
    matigari 7 years ago

    Let them enjoy the taste of their medicine. The axe forgets but the cut tree never forgets.

  • comment-avatar
    Mafatshi 7 years ago

    What beats me is how much everyone still expects of Mugabe, good or bad. He is almost 91years old!! Those acting on his behalf need to come to their senses. That is if they care at all.

  • comment-avatar
    chauyachauya 7 years ago

    I once Watched a movie called Shaka Zulu . In one of the scenes Shaka took his young son of about 2 years from the mother with the intention of killing him . When Shaka’s mother pleaded with Shaka not to destroy the future Shaka replied there’s no future without Shaka . My point here is that Mugabe does not believe that there’s Zanu without him . In his mind he is Zanu pf . When he dies he wants Zanu pf to die with him so that history would record the demise of Zanu with the demise of Mugabe . He wants the honour of having been the one man who was capable of holding together the party and the country . By promoting the newcomers he knows they will fall by the wayside after his departure. To us it good because we are sick and tired of being sick and tired

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    Tinomunamataishe 7 years ago

    People like Gumbo contributed to the death of so many people who were perceived to be sympathetic to the opposition through their reckless utterances and hate speech. Being out of Zanu PF through whatever means does not mean that they are innocent.

    Also when those people were killed never did Gumbo come as spokesman of Zanu PF to denounce those killings and encourage the police to arrest the perpetrators.

    People cannot be fooled that easily, the whole rotten lot must go and they must be charged for gross human rights violations and the murder and disappearance of now more than 21,000 people over the last 30 years.

    You are all vultures Gumbo!

  • comment-avatar
    Jona na Oppah 7 years ago

    Zvikukutu izvi. The fifth column is within Zanu Pf itself. Vari kubhomba vari pakati peguta guru remusangano. With people like the Tholothso team, Zanu need no enemies. These are enermies from within.

  • comment-avatar
    BullAnt 7 years ago

    Zvavekutsvukirira manji zvinhu zviye

  • comment-avatar
    linders 7 years ago

    Dog eat dog. Lovely

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    Hanzi nyoka huru haizvirumi, looks likes this one is defying the odds! Nobody never dreamt of this but it looks like its happenning. The zanu cronies at last drawing the knives at each other. Opposition parties you were meant to unite for the opportunity but it looks like thats history now coz of the breakaway parties. If you guys were meant to liberate the country you could have seized the opportunty but it looks like you won’t capitalise on this golden opportunity. Opposition if you stand together as one you can bring change to our long lost beloved country. Ndapedza hangu ini muzimbah ari ku hingirandi kwete nokuda asi nekuda kwevari kuuraya nyika!

  • comment-avatar
    Don Cox 7 years ago

    This is Mugabe’s version of Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

  • comment-avatar
    Better to be British 7 years ago

    Strange to hear him say all these things. People have been suffering for a long while in Zim and he starts complaining because he has been kicked out.

    Welcome to reality, it gets worse sir.

  • comment-avatar
    Gonohori 7 years ago

    So the Mberengwa boy sincerely believes Bob would be missing the Dare Rechimurenga Zim Self- Rule formular if after his 2nd term or 43 year rule Bob decides to pass the relay button stick to Mberengwa boy like himself but to Joice Mujuru? I think Bob’s choice of successor is important in Zanu PF political culture, hence in all sincerity I would not recomment Joice as Bob’s only possible best choice, looking at Zimbabwe as a whole. Rugare’s overdramatised lamentations over Joice makes one seriously query his nationalist credentials. Our first lady clearly confirmed Mnangagwa was by far the people’s choice. It appears Rugare has grudge against his home boy , whom he refers to as Tsholotsho gang member. Our president on the other hand has at one moment stated that any Zimbabwean can one day be president of Zimbabwe, following proper channels. But Gumbo thinks otherwise regarding the so called gang of tsholotsho which he has decided to overhate not on behalf of the nation but on behalf of individual- a public secret. I am least impressed by Rugare type of colourless politicians who have some logic to offer the public, but only ULTIMATELY, as if playing field has been perfectly level over decades. It is tragic the struggle did not produce sufficient Tekere type genuine nationalists.