Mangoma launches ‘livelihoods scheme’

via Mangoma launches ‘livelihoods scheme’  31 August 2014

THE MDC Renewal Team has launched a “national small livelihoods project” aimed at helping local communities start income generating projects to mitigate the impact of a failing economy and Zanu PF’s failure to deliver the jobs it promised.

The scheme was launched in Manicaland province last Friday by party deputy treasurer general Elton Mangoma who donated over a thousand broiler chicks and stock-feed to Headlands’ Ward 7 area.

Mangoma said the scheme was part of the MDC Renewal Team’s response to Zanu PF’s failure to provide jobs and uplift local communities despite elaborate promises made during the 2013 election.

As the country’s economy continues to struggle a year after the vote, opposition parties have been quick to remind President Robert Mugabe of his Zanu PF party’s promise to create two million new jobs if elected.

“Instead (of new jobs) we have companies closing down and people failing to cope as the economy is not performing,” said the former energy minister.

Mangoma said the scheme was meant to assist thousands of communities across the country who were affected by Zanu PF-sponsored political violence and had their homes or livelihoods destroyed during these atrocities.

Other forms of assistance, Mangoma said, would include paying school fees, buying uniforms for affected children, assisting in getting identity documents for those in need.

In addition the party would also provide building materials for families whose houses were destroyed due to Zanu PF’s state-sponsored political violence.

“As the Renewal Team, we promise to assist not only affected MDC members but also those who have been victims of Zanu PF aggression and our assistance will be in the form of the needs of a particular community,” said Mangoma.

The Renewal Team, which has broken away from the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC-T accused the former premier of neglecting and failing to assist party members who were victimised by Zanu PF and had their homes and properties destroyed.

“The movement would have failed if it does not look after victims of political violence that took place over the past 15 years,” said Renewal Team member and former Finance Minister, Tendai Biti at a Chinhoyi rally in June this year.

“We cannot continue saying sorry for what happened,” Mangoma added.

But MDC-T spokesman Douglas Mwonzora accused the group of trying to ‘buy support’ and rejected allegations Tsvangirai had neglected victims of Zanu PF violence.

“It is not that the MDC-T did not want to support victims of political violence, but it genuinely had no resources, as advised by the same gentlemen who were responsible for party funds and party programmes; the same reason why the party has no money now while they are playing politics with people’s money,” said Mwonzora in a statement.

“It is a further exposure of the sabotage that they were involved in; that they have agreed not to implement any of the programmes that would make President Morgan Tsvangirai popular with the masses, because they had their own agenda.”

Mwonzora urged supporters to take the money and whatever assistance the Renewal Team offered but keep their faith with Tsvangirai.

“Just as we did with Zanu PF’s food-for-votes … take whatever money is offered, but on election day you know where you stand and you will be alone in the voting booth, and you can vote for the party that is dedicated to removing Zanu (PF) through a truly national effort.”


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    mandy 8 years ago

    Idiots these renewal people!

    That exactly what Welshman did starting from 2010 right up to the date of elections in 2013. Welshman would concentrate his programme of dishing out bulls and heifers in the midlands especially his own home area of Maboleni, in lower Gweru. Come election day not even his own cousins would overcome their fear.

    What the not so learned professor Welshman did was that he failed to appreciate how the zanu pf system works. He assumed that Zpf uses plain vote buying. To the contrary vote buying is only an infinitesimal part of the whole charade that zpf passes for an election. The bigger part of the charade is authority and coercive power. Why is 96% of the population living in Zimbabwe extremely if zanupf wins on vote buying? As a result welshman lost close on twenty million dollars and got zippo in return. That is why Welshman has opted for the law chambers once again. Of course it would happen with his tail now firmly in between his legs. I shudder to think where Mangoma and Biti would theirs.

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    Sonofngwazi 8 years ago


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    bruce koffe 8 years ago

    Income generating projects are good for all the beneficiaries but imagine a political part that would give very one some money or some chicks and feed to avert poverty. In Zimbabwe to win an election one needs almost 3.15 million voters. Zanu PF will pour extra ballot papers of close to 2 million. So at what cost would Mangoma manage to do this. You just wasting effort in a ploy that never works

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    maita 8 years ago

    Whilst it sounds good but Mai Mujuru tried to do it across provinces we are to still chicken runs in those provinces. Open factories if you have the money. Employ the youth and pay them enough that they can also start their own businesses, hey I have seen people struggling to sell those chickens ask those who do it at home. Imagine all having chicken projects kozoti vana Gono ne Lunar what happens. Some of these projects are not sustainable but reopening factories is.