Zhuwao threatens to seize foreign firms

via Zhuwao threatens to seize foreign firms – NewZimbabwe 04/11/2015

YOUTH and indigenisation minister, Patrick Zhuwao, on Wednesday threatened to seize foreign-owned companies he accused of meddling in local politics.

The minister made the threat as he attacked a pro-Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa youth group, the Zimbabwe Youth Action Platform (ZYAP).

Zhuwao was addressing the launch of government’s $10 million national youth fund in Harare when he blasted the youths, accusing them of fronting for white interests.

This comes after ZYAP held a press conference Tuesday where they claimed that local government minister Saviour Kasukuwere, higher education minister Jonathan Moyo and Zhuwao were disrespectful to war veterans.

The leader of the youth grouping, Tonderayi Chidawa, further accused Zhuwao of ruining the country through the manner in which he is pushing for the indigenisation policy.

The youths further threatened to embarrass the three ministers at public events such as state functions at the National Heroes Acre.

Zhuwawo hit back Wednesday, saying the Mnangagwa-linked youths were not fronting war veterans but were being used by whites to peddle an anti- indigenisation agenda.

He said government would now be forced to identify such foreign-owned companies and seize them.

“You have not been sent by war veterans but by the whites and I want to tell you right now that go back and tell them that I am coming for you with indigenisation,” Zhuwao shouted to thousands of ululating Zanu PF youths who attended the event.

“We are not going back with indigenisation and let the foreigners know that you cannot use our youths,” he said.

“You cannot attempt to tarnish the image of war veterans; they are ours and they are the ones who taught us how things are done.

“So, foreign-owned companies please do not attempt to get involved in the politics of this country because we will know your foot prints and we will deal with you.”


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    R Judd 7 years ago

    Zhuwao go and sh1t in your hat

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    Ndonga 7 years ago

    Who let this idiot child Patrick Zhuwao escape from his playpen. Oh yes I forgot, it was his genius uncle Robert.
    How in this enlightened age can our country allow a Cabinet Minister to spout such racist and xenophobic nonsense?
    And to crown it all he is the Minister of Youth and Indigenisation. Some example he is setting for our Youth. And as for him being the claimed champion of Indigenisation when he himself is a foreigner makes no sense at all.
    It is almost as if he is determined, for whatever reason, to destroy the last remnants of Zimbabwe’s economy.

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    The Mind Boggles 7 years ago

    Is there anything left to seize??? The year 1870 seize one another’s cattle and women in a tit for tat game of cat and mouse???
    Sensible dialogue will get people a lot further than the rantings and ravings of a lunatic.
    The Mind Boggles!!!!

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    waSvosve 7 years ago

    The disheartening policy dicord between Hon Chinamasa and Dread Zhuwao is chasing away the few companies left and preventing any new investors from coming in. Dread/Rasta Zhuwao’s daily and endles threats are hurting the economy. One wonders in whose interests he is acting? Many believe that Rastas partake of the holy weed and could this youngster be taking this weed? It is difficult to discount this feeling given his wayward behaviour. He behaves like a drunken Activist and not a Cabinet Minister

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    Do it!!! Do it today! Stop threatening and get on with it. Starvation is coming!! Get the begging bowl out…..

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    Truly a bizarre case one black-black pot calling another pot black. Where, in Zimbabwe, do we find a clan with a surname “Zhuwao”? The nearest place I found such a clan was somewhere in Mozambique, yes Mozambique.

    Not that I have anything about Mozambicans, no not at all. But surely if one Patrick Zhuwao happens to be from that place I know of having a Zhuwao clan, then he should know that he is not Zimbabwean. Yes, he may be a muzukuru of Zimbabwe; but muzukuru mwana wemukwasha haasi mwana wasekuru. In our Sub-Saharan culture s/he belongs kwababa vake kwete kwa mai.

    Point is, Patrick should stop his nonsense of shouting the loudest about foreigners, when in fact he is also a foreigner. Else, if Patrick truly believes foreigners’ properties need have to be confiscated & given to indigenous Zimbabweans then why not himself start by surrendering everything – starting with his mistrial job.

    Sick & tired Patrick’s childish antics. Nxaaaaa!

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    I am continually amazed that thirty five years after independence whenever someone in a position such as zhuwao is in a difficult situation they hark back to the whites…
    There are in fact not a lot of whites to really be of any consequence politically and to blame them continually for all things is ridiculous surely?

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    Chidumbu 7 years ago

    Zhuwao yes this a brilliant idea, just like taking the farms, we can see how well you did with that

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    I think the few whites left are the people who keep the place (sort of) going.

    Racism is the last resort of the failure

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    sekuru murehwa 7 years ago

    I am surprised that someone who is suppose to be level headed at this age and time in Zimbabwe where 95% is unemployed some freak thinks of even seizing more companies whats the hell is that? Am really disappointed with these fellows who get offices because of their relations with the bosses. its time people get offices according to merit. Zhuwao you are a disgrace. you need to grow up

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    machakachaka 7 years ago

    From day one in government, Zhuwawo has been threatening one group of people or the other. Can someone please tell me what else this Zhuwawo fellow does in government besides threatening, threatening and more threatening? Are we paying taxes so that the government can hire a guy like this?

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    People, let them take everthing! This country we call Zimbabwe was only indepedant for roughly 4 to 5 years.latest 1987 a new colony was born and is now mature,so what are you complaing about.And pretty soon the national day of this land will be 21 February and a fitting New name in honour of its founding father is all ready being discussed at the highest level.But i heard that suggestions from the peasants are welcome.

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    Mugarbage 7 years ago

    Interesting topic: What are your proposals?
    * Baboonwe
    * Mugabarrhea
    * Gonorrhea
    * Graceland
    * Mugabistan