Zim, China military ties reaffirmed

via Zim, China military ties reaffirmed | The Herald August 1, 2015 by Andrew Chimedza

A senior Chinese defence attaché has said his country will continue maintaining its military friendship with Zimbabwe which started during the liberation struggle in the 1960s. Speaking at the commemorations of the 88th anniversary of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in Harare yesterday, Senior Colonel Li Jun said the event was a moment to remember the courageous past of the PLA and strengthen friendship with the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.

“China will forever cherish the traditional friendship with Zimbabwe and the PLA will always be a closest friend and trust worth partner of the ZDF,” said Col Li.

He said “a friend in need is a friend in deed” as China helped Zimbabwe during its liberation struggle.

“Since 1927, the PLA defeated enemies from both within and outside the country to safe guard national sovereignty and territorial integrity which brings us peace,” said Col Li.

He said the relationship between the armies of Zimbabwe and China started in the 1960s and has always been cherished and promoted.

In an interview at the celebrations, Chief of Staff Joint Operation and Plans for the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Air Vice Marshal Elson Moyo said Zimbabwe was learning a lot from the PLA.


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    chimirenga 7 years ago

    Please stop this nonsense about this so called special relationship – zimbabweans are suffering and this talk of a military relationship does not help – we don’t need any military assistance but we need a working economy

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    ananian 7 years ago

    China is an enemy for African countries despite their seemingly friendship on the surface.
    1. China supports African dictators at the expense of the majority citizens like Mugabe, Mswati, Jose Dos Santos and Obium Nguema of Equtorial Guiene.
    2. China send its nationals in Africa as investors but they do not buy any product in Africa for resale in their business. All their funds are kept in house and fly out of Africa as USD or bank in Chinese banks in Africa
    3.Chinese company do not pay tax, they do not keep accurate records for business to avoid taxation. When tax officials visit they bribe or call embassy and complain that they are harassed by officials and their embassy will call President’s office that government official are harassing their citizens
    4. Chinese employers pay very little towards Africa labourers
    5. Chinese buildings in Africa are not subjected to the local standards, their engineers are not registered locally for professionalism, they not answerable to anyone for substandard work.
    6. China does not import finished products from Africa, they only import raw materials so business is to create advantages for them
    7. China exports cheap quality finished products to Africa, they are price leaders killing secondary/tertiary industries in Africa resulting in high unemployment, poverty and undevelopment.
    8. Chinese cause lot of poaching in Africa due to their belief that ivory powder cures eliments.
    9. Chinese are raceists they may pregnant African women in Africa but no African men can father a Chinese woman in China and live.
    10. No African can own land in China though they own land
    11. No African can ever employ a Chinese here in Africa, they work for themselves
    12. Chinese have corrupted African leaders and are recolonising Africa
    13. Chinese infrastructures are collapsing and repair works commences before structure is complete

    CHINA HATES AFRICA they like to loot resources to provide their industries back in CHINA

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    mandevu 7 years ago

    This is really what it has always been about