Craven Europe – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 19th April 2014

via Craven Europe – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 19th April 2014 April 20, 2014 at 7:34pm

As Zimbabwe marked 34 years of independence amid deepening hopelessness, the Vigil received a letter from the European Union which confirmed our worst fears about their pusillanimous policy towards Mugabe.

We had put the following simple question to Baroness Ashton, the EU foreign affairs chief: We have read your statement on EU-Zimbabwe relations and are surprised at your comment that there has been progress in Zimbabwe. We Zimbabweans forced into exile closely follow events at home and have seen no progress whatsoever. President Ian Khama of Botswana supports our view that the July elections were rigged by Mugabe. The new constitution is not being observed, as the recent beating up of peaceful demonstrators confirms. There has been no improvement in the economy and instead we have official admission of widespread corruption. We ask you: What is the good news from Zimbabwe that the EU uses to justify the suspension of targeted measures against the Mugabe regime?’ 

In their reply to our letter the EU cannot think of any progress beyond the generally peaceful manner in which the 2013 elections were conducted’ – no matter that there was overwhelming evidence that the elections were massively rigged, as President Khama of Botswana believes. It’s rather like commending the generally peaceful manner in which the Nazis gassed millions of Jews.

The EU letter says: ‘Normalising the relationship with the government will enable the EU to play a stronger role in supporting the return to economic stability, improving the democratic environment, rule of law, respect for human rights, and the living conditions for ordinary Zimbabweans.’ We ask: how?

Despite the EU being the biggest aid donor to Zimbabwe Mugabe recently said that Europe has an ‘evil heart’. His hatred of the West was again expressed in a fawning BBC interview. The cut and paste programme was a disgrace to the BBC, making little effort to show the conditions to which Zimbabweans have been reduced (see: – 7 days left to watch).

The Vigil believes Europe’s aid money would be better spent in promoting desperately needed change in Zimbabwe – not in propping up this geriatric mafia which will never relinquish power unless it is forced to. (For the full text of the EU letter see:

Others points

  • People are getting desperate for change in Zimbabwe. One of our supporters, Erick Eluwasi, voices this in an article on our campaigns page (see:  He is not alone with these views. 
  • Our condolences to Vigil supporter Peter Sidindi. The body of his nephew, Donovan Weale, was found in the River Avon. Donovan’s family is waiting for the results of an inquest. The family is raising funds to repatriate the body to Zimbabwe. Those who want to contribute should check:
  • We were sorry to hear that Vigil supporter Cephas Moswoswa was in hospital. We wish him a speedy recovery.
  • Thanks to Ishmael Makina, Bridget Zhakata, Sihle Sibanda and Fungayi Mabhunu who came early to help set up. 

For latest Vigil pictures check: Please note: Vigil photos can only be downloaded from our Flickr website. 

FOR THE RECORD: 28 signed the register. 


  • ROHR Middlesbrough Branch general meeting. Saturday 26th April from 12 – 4 pm. Venue: Humanah CIC Unit 5, BBC Broadcasting House, Brentnall Street, Middlesbrough TS1 5JA. For more information please contact: Masimba Musodza (Chairman) 07581887359, Xoliso Sithole (Treasurer) 07449005447, Ndumiso Ncube (Organising Secretary) 07448522328.
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    mucha 8 years ago

    Crazy morons and cry babies. They think the EU can change their mindset because of a few individuals. The EU are not interested in the so-called human rights issue as of now. They want to protect their economic interests only.

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    Ndaneta ndaneta 8 years ago

    Hey Vigil, stop just talking, take action if you do not want what is happening to your country. Cowards, go back home and sort out things.